Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Sphincter says what? Harvard lets all people go to school there? Even poor dumb white people? During the Supreme Court Judge confirmation hearings for nominee Elana Kagan, a question was asked about why she banned the military from campus when she was the Dean of Harvard Law school by Republican Senator Jeff Sessions. Her reply was that she was "trying to protect Harvard's own anti-discrimination policy and to protect the students whom it is ... supposed to protect, which in this case were our gay and lesbian students." WOW. Anti-discrimination policy at Harvard? I find this policy claim to be shockingly hypocritical. We all know Harvard is an elitist school of liberal hacks that walk around with their intellectual noses up their own cracks. They all need constant colon cleanses and like John effin Kerry talk like Thurston Howell the 3rd. These aristocrats are hard at work producing intellectual giants such as Barack Hussein Obama the wonder President....who sucks at his job.
Let's find out who can attend Harvard. According to the Harvard admissions web page if you have had a member of your family attend Harvard is it easier for you to get in? Yes "Among a group of similarly distinguished applicants, the daughters and sons of College alumni/ae may receive an additional look." Is this discrimination? What if my Ma and Pa didn't attend Harvard?! Do I have less of a chance because of nepotism? Sounds like it. WTF?! DIS CRIM IN NATION. What kind of grades do I need? Can a dumb person attend Harvard? Do I need high SAT scores? Yes "We regard test results as helpful indicators of academic ability and achievement when considered thoughtfully among many other factors." So the under-achieving mentally challenged of society are discriminated against. So rude. How much does Harvard cost? Can a poor white trash male or a knocked-up drop out with no job go there? Not so much,
"Our most recent program enhancement, announced in December of 2007, has dramatically reduced the amount we expect families to contribute to the cost of their student's Harvard education. We no longer require students to take out loans, and parents of financial aid recipients are asked to contribute on average from zero to ten percent of their annual income, with no contribution expected for families with incomes of under $60,000. Those parents with annual incomes of between $120,000 and $180,000 are asked to contribute an average ten percent of their income, with a declining percentage — from ten to zero — for parents with annual incomes between $120,000 and $60,000."

Here is the yearly cost to attend Harvard:

Cost of Attendance for 2010 – 2011

Financial aid is awarded to help with all of these expenses, including an additional standard allowance for travel expenses.
Tuition $34,976
Health Services Fee $1,167
Student Services Fee $2,273
Room $7,525
Board $4,783

Subtotal $50,724

Estimated Personal Expenses $3,226

Estimated Travel Costs $0-$2,800
Total billed and unbilled costs $53,950 - $56,750 per year

WOW!! I love how Harvard doesn't DISCRIMINATE against 10% of the population. I was unaware that blue collar working Americans who vote for Harvard donkey grads who go into public service can go to school there. Harvard is a school based on exceptional-ism and the unexceptional are discriminated against. It's called socio-economic and Intellectual ability exclusion under the disguise of an elitist Ivy League policy. This is all fine and dandy, but caviar on a silver spoon forbid the military enact their own policies like HARVARD can. I am not saying the military is right or wrong, I am saying Harvard is a cesspool of discrimination, exclusion and elitism and to infer otherwise is a friggin lie. You cater to the constipated, privileged upper class of America but profess an all-inclusive type policy. The only people who CAN attend Harvard are angry minority liberals and rich white people with communist superiority complexes who suck Obama toes. Shut-up Elana, your self-righteous indignation makes me want to projectile vomit into your mouth and so does Haaarvard Law School POLICY. You are responsible for the stupidest liberals in America who are vacaying in Washington DC, need I say more? You should be in jail for that alone. Have fun on the highest court in the land screwing us all over....and quit blubbering. It's soooo not Supreme.


lisa said...

hahaha and there you have it.
Great observations once again about the 'all inclusive' liberal party of 'liberal lying losers'

phthaloblu said...

What Lisa said!

tom said...

Having a Harvard degree allows people to believe thinks that don't make sense as well as things they know not to be true. It's TRADITION!

Janelle said...

The Ivies are turning into the kudzus.

Fredd said...

I think what Elena Kagan (who looks to me like a fat Ferris Buehler) meant was that Harvard doesn't discriminate against groups they approve of. Only those they detest: The Great Unwashed, the military, Republicans, and other evil groups. It's OK to discriminate against those folk.