Friday, June 4, 2010

Radicalism VS. Incompetence

Not sure which one is worse. Both stem from the latter, but by far the most dangerous problem with the Obama administration could straight up be their incompetence. It's funny that Paul McCartney dissed our former President as an imbecile that never read while receiving an award from the most incompetent President America has EVER had. Paul opened his mouth and removed all doubt about who he is.
The White House has known incompetency throughout its history, but Obama takes the title for the biggest, baddest, worstest President ever to walk the halls of Pennsylvania Avenue. I mean that seriously and sincerely, he sucks lollipops.
Obama is so retarded that we even have his former butt crack dwellers calling him a train wreck and a disappointment among many other choice adjectives. It's almost boring and useless to give billing to all of his gaffes now days. But for me, I don't know which is worse, his radical political philosophy or his complete incompetence. I suppose both issues could be from the same trailer park family, but what keeps me up at night is knowing a moron is failing to run our country. Obama was always NOT up for the job and it was only the courageous who dared state the obvious. The left had to find their own retard to make fun of and crowned Sarah Palin the court jester of the right. I think now that they attacked Sarah as a distraction to keep our eyes of their boobie prize. I don't disagree with the Sarah assessment, but by far and out of reach is the contest being won by one, Barack Hussein Obama.
Being radical can be blamed on Barry's incompetency. Like a sponge with no filter, Barack sat in class at HAAHRVARD and believed every philosophical lie his prof's told him. He took for granted that the academia circuit spoke the truth about America sucking worse than living a Turkish prison. He nodded like a good little elitist as he thought about ideal America offering equality in the form of socio-economic status. They told him that if America were truly a place of equality of opportunity, it should be more like Europe. Perhaps the government could tax, own all the property and divvy up our needs equally so that no one felt inferior. This feeling of inferiority is what drives Obama. He may be a classic case of a person with Borderline Personality Disorder becoming President to rid the world of his and our inferiority complex. He conquered his issues of abandonment by becoming the king of never abandoning our basic needs. It's a textbook psychological and philosophical disorder. Radicals are psychologically unbalanced and should I be more concerned with Obama's syndromes or his incompetence? At this point they both make me pee randomly...but something has gotta win the HOLY SHIT prize and right now I think his incompetency scares the bejeebus out of me more so than his jacked-up radical issues. Come to think of it, his crazy radical agenda may just be thwarted by his total and complete incompetence! HOORAY! We may just make it folks....


lisa said...

I am keeping my fingers crossed every day we make it.It is looking more and more like stupid voters may be awakening from their Nov 08 coma.
Fool me once shame on you,fool me twice shame on me.

Janelle said...

Since all of his background is locked up tighter than Fort Knox......there must be more than a few problems there. His middle initial doesn't stand for humble.