Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I have maintained on this blog that Al Gore is gay. I call him Al Gay and like Jerry Seinfeld says, not that there is anything wrong with that. But when you are married and pretending to be something you're not...then yes, something is wrong with that.
According to the Associated Press, Al and Tipper are separating. Who can blame Tipper. Al is not only gay and a dumb democrat, but he has a sort of GOD complex. Now that global warming is so yesterday's environmental scandal, it's time for the real Al to come out of the closet and profess his love for not just the birdies and the polar bears, but Ricky Martin and Barney Frank. I mean seriously folks, how awkward was that kiss between Al and Tipper during the the 2000 Presidential campaign...HUGELY AWKWARD. It's like Al wanted to wipe it off and go EW!! Al couldn't man-handle a woman if she were Bill Clinton.
I love this. Al may or may not come out of his environmentally protected closet, but make no mistake, Al is no lover of women. We have seen Al blatantly lie like all democrats do but to take it a step further, he not only lies pathologically, he does it with Tipper by his side. I hate being right all the time but someone has to do it. It's impolite to say I told ya so, but I told ya so. I don't know if Tipper caught him with the pool boy or what, but you heard it here first...AL IS GAY! Not that there is anything wrong with that.

HMMM...... YEP no flamboyancy here(insert sarcasm)


Pedaling said...

yep- he's gay, for sure!

Al Gore,
Global Warming,
That kiss,
What a Joke.

ba and the boys said...

as soon as i heard that they were divorcing on the radio-the first image that flashed in my mind was of that kiss.
why oh why wont it leave my mind!?

lisa said...

lol maybe she's tired of listening to that big winded gas bag.

namaste said...

al is waaaayyyy gay! sooooo gay! especially in that video. haha! you are too funny nik! and you've said it from the start. actually i heard it here first. can i have your autograph?!


Clifton B said...

You owe me one new spleen! I laughed so hard from this post, I busted the old one. My medical bill will be in the mail shortly.

Gave you some serious linky love at ABC!

Love ya!

Joaquin said...

OMG, Nikki! That was 2 much!
I like your thinking!

phthaloblu said...

Love, love, love it! And here I just figured he cursed/cussed/swore and Tipper overheard it and it sent her over the edge, Dear Nikki. rofl! AL the gay climate controller inventer of the internet... guy.

El Cerdo Ignatius said...

Euh, I dunno, Nik. I figure if Al Gore were gay he would have better hair. Have you seen how terrible it's become over the last decade? Talk about mal à la coiffure.

Maybe Al was listening to 2 Live Crew and finally got caught.

And here's the kicker: the Clintons are still together. What an irony, eh?

Nikki said...

El C...your comment made me laugh, hard. I think the Clintons have an "understanding" and their relationship is much more business oriented. Al was caught listening to Lady Ga Ga and wearing one of her outfits! HA! :)N

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