Monday, June 14, 2010


I suppose one could make the argument that the government is fallible and quite frankly should not be the end all, be all of problem solving in America. I would make that argument and stick by it like Madonna's botox supply. As a matter of frickety fact, Press secretary Robert Gibb's favorite phrase is that any given problem should be solved "on the federal level." Really Bob Gibb? The feds are Superman and are able to leap tall buildings and state agencies are unitards? Is this really how it is? I think it is really the other way around. State governments have a hard enough time running their mini-me states and yet on a much bigger scale we look for less bureaucracy and more precise governing. It's quite laughable and our delusions of grandeur deserve mocking.
Bush getting the blame for what a less than adequate governor didn't do in Louisiana after Katrina was bogus. Your local government should be where you turn for the help and change you seek, not the feds. We do have unrealistic expectations of Washington and this was before and after Barry our fairy in chief came along, but whose fault is that? Did we really expect Bush to solve all life's little problems just by being President? Didn't really think about Bush that much when my sink was clogged. But now I think Barry really should head on over with the Drano and make it right. Flashcard break, I bet for damn sure most Obamatards expected Obama to raise the dead, pay the mortgage, cool the planet and plug the oil leak. He hasn't done any of the above and frankly my dear, his little press conference interview attempts are tactical meatloaf. He is a self-serving, self-promoting ego monster with no where to go but home come 2012. I don't need another lousy Obamanator ad. A 20 minute Obama oil infomercial sits in my craw like a dinner of straight cheese and beef. Bloody boost your image on the Oprah show for hell sakes and then I can make sure to NOT DVR it. This every channel bullshiz is so President Ron Popeil. It's too late for Obama to "act" like he gives a damn and to strenuously stress his angst. Too many vacations, too many mis-statements and way, way, way too many tough guy gyrations to speak seriously about his opportunity lost on the bubblin' crude swamp. Call hillbilly Jed Clampett, he knows how to plug an oil hole. Take it from me, the American people expecting so much from their government is so completely un-American. However, in this oil disaster the government should be front and center and where are they? Running around talking about the talking heads talking about them as governmental disasters, which they are. This oil gig is a governmental intervention type situation and now we get why our lives should inherently be our own. The government is capable of very little. Get it?
When I hear people say they expected more from the government or that the government "should do something" about whatever life bullshiz comes their way, it makes me want to beat someone over the head with a beat up six string from a second hand store and be a juke box hero with stars in my eyes. Lazy freaking ass Americans. Stop nudging the government to "act" and start "acting" on your own. There's an idea! Damn I'm good! Except, fix the leak damnit!!


EDGE said...

The man-child doesn't get it and never will. Sadly the people who voted for this clown don't get it either.

tammy said...

Oh how you make me laugh, but I agree with every word.

Brian | Juliana said...

PMP (pooping my pants)! I'm laughing so hard I can almost taste the beef and cheese in my throat Nikki. Much love.

lisa said...

haha Nikki I can always depend on your blog for a good a laugh .

The Clampletts moving into a Beverly Hills Mansion is like the Obamas moving into the White House.
For some reason they just seem out of their element.

ba and the boys said...

we have a 'small' oil leak up here (cheveron-see for info). i doubt obama would come out here for it-we are too republician for a visit.
but chris and i have been making beverly hillbilly jokes since it started!