Wednesday, July 28, 2010


There isn't a worse show on television than THE VIEW. Not one host has an opinion worth repeating, and that includes Elizabeth. Barbara WAH-WAH purposely nabbed little Liz because she knew she was not a strong conservative and though Whoopi is a gazillion times better than that fat angry lesbian named after a wonderful flower, the show still sucks major butt. It's not an intellectual, credible news source of anything, so why is PO appearing on such a sensationalized, inept, pathetic day-time pseudo-opinion show? Unfortunately for the ladies, Obama is going to do nothing for their poor ratings, in fact they may just slip into sad sack ratings hell.
Let's look at the demographics of who watches this boring as hell program. Snore. According to Nielsen Media Research,viewers of THE VIEW are mainly women aged 18-49 who consistently watch soap operas...exact words bitches, I didn't make that precious gem up. These day-time drama queens who delve into fantasy living vicariously through soaps, watch this ridiculous program and call it intellectual. I. CAN'T. STOP. LAUGHING. There is no doubt in my mind that Obama reaches out to the mindless for support and more importantly, SEX votes. Why else would Obama snub the Boy Scouts and indulge THE VIEW? I can only assume that Odrama knows that most people who are involved with the boy scouts are self-sufficient traditionalists who teach love of flag and country, so yea, count them out next chad punch season. Most lefty rags and blogs are pushing the viewers of THE VIEW as "soccer mom's"....this is major BS. All the soccer mom's I know are more interested in THE BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA than Whoopi, Joy and whoever the other two are. They are smart, educated mothers who are not challenged by mediocre TV.
Aside from the fact that Obama has disgraced the office of the Presidency over and over and over again, let's put into perspective his priorities in executive time giving. The Dalai Lama: No can visit Dalai and when you do visit after I get bad press about my canceling, take your sorry ass out the back door lama boy. Benjamin Netanyahu the Prime Minister of Israel: Sorry dude, no can meety with youey, I gotta get me some grub and you are not invited, later home skillet, good luck with those terrorists. Just Google Obama snubs to find out more uncouth protocol by our jeans and T-shirt President, there are plenty. And yet Barack, I wish I were Brad Pitt, Obama finds time to go on THE VIEW with a bunch of half-baked entertainers who will kiss his sorry skinny gloot. WTF!?? This President, and I use that term loosely, is an embarassment. I hope he gets groped by Joy and tongued by Whoopi, after all, it's what he wants. I am glad he found a show that will stroke his huge ego.
Memo: To: President Obama: Oprah's numbers are falling, too. Guess why? CUZ YOU SUCK AS PRESIDENT!! She dug your junk and now your just a sorry punk-ass President getting Jiggy with a bunch of broads. I guess if Oprah's ratings were better you'd visit your main beotch but these days THE VIEW is sporting better numbers. How sorry is that? Good-bye Oprah and Good-bye Obama....O RE VWAR!! O YES WE CAN!


Rick Frea said...

I love your honesty. And, yes, I stole this Tiger sign and posted it on my facebook. And no I didn't get your permission, but I didn't think you'd mind. Rick.

El Cerdo Ignatius said...


Ah! The lovely langue fran├žaise! You did this for ME, didn't you? You're so sentimental. Merci beaucoup.

I read a good story yesterday of a guy at a cookout telling his friends what would make him happy. He said it's very simple; he just needs to hear three little words:

Former. President. Obama.

namaste said...

my fave lines:

"fat angry lesbian (LMAO), show still sucks major butt, sad sack ratings hell, exact word bitches, watch this ridiculous program, self-sufficient traditionalists who teach love of flag and country"

i especially love that last descripition of soccer moms. MSM must think we are all stupid. i mean most of us are, how else did we get this asshat for president. friggin tree-huggin, beggin billies that voted for him.

drumroll for my all time fave nikki line in this post:

"I hope he gets groped by Joy and tongued by Whoopi"

WOO-HOO!! love it! great post!

Nikki said...

RICK!! No problem, except I think I have been trying to add you as a friend for like a year...:)N

Nikki said...

El C, you know that was for you! Especially the precise and correct spelling of it lol....:)N

Nikki said...

Namaste, I read your comment on my phone in bed and I laughed so hard! Favorite line from your comment..."I mean most of us are, how else did we get this asshat for a President"! BEST. COMMENT. EVER. :)N

Kold_Kadavr_flatliner said...

Your blog is two words: awe. some. I love everything, but one thing I have to disagree on. Kick-butt? That's weak. Kick-some-ass November 2010 is MUUUCH better, girl. I just love young women who can show some bawls to never fall under the trap of fascist socialism. Live free or die -Green Mountain Boys. See ya soon in the Great Beyond... Love you.

Nikki said...

KKF...THANK YOU! Love you right back...:)N

lisa said...

Mr Power Point needs to be surrounded by "so-called" celebrities because he loves the props and the exposure and because he's more comfortable in that setting than in the Oval Office speaking directly to the peeps.
I bet they had to bring in a big ass fan to cool the jets on those mid-life mamas.

Pedaling said...

another favorite line:
"Sorry dude, no can meety with youey,"

really, the whole write up...funnier than any on the view could even touch!- and isn't Joy supposed to be a sort of comedian or something?

I'll take the top picture for my future use file.
thanks you very much.

Nikki said...

All Pictures are for stealing! YO! :)N

tammy said...

Love it! I couldn't agree more. And I'm glad he turned down the boy scouts. I'd much rather have Mike Rowe.