Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Sometimes I sound like a broken record. It's true, I repeatedly repeat myself repeatedly. It's getting really hard to think of new and original things to say about the derelict in chief, Barack Insane Obama. I usually end up saying the same thing over and over again. Example exhibit A: this post. I suppose I could rip on some other complete bat shit crazy liberal who hides under a bridge like a troll in heat, but I'm afraid even that is getting old, too. I could go total Obama and make fun of democrat Special Olympians, but that might make me feel a little guilt about not feeling any guilt. It's not nice to make fun of stupid people who think they are superior to us average, everyday citizens, but it sure is fun. Yep, democrats are that big of an effing joke. There isn't enough time in the day to puke up the donkey dumb. It's getting "AWKWARD" making fun of the translucently brainless. I think a new trend is going to occur called liberalphobia, ya know, being scared of dumb people. I am a phobe of many things and yes liberals are one of my "issues" that occupy the corners of my shrink condo. Liberals scare me, yet at the same time I own their intellect for the mere fact that I drank not the Crystal Light in '08 and present day. I say Crystal Light in honor of Michelle the fat queen. See, I even repeated that friggin' joke. How can you not make fun of her in every freaking post. She is such a major chub tool. It's deja vu. Residual noise once heard by many and recorded in time only to once again be replayed by digital voice recorders. How long can we keep up the Obama charade parade lest we sink into convoluted Ground Hog Day hell? It is one part therapeutic and one part addictive to bitch and moan about the White House frat club. Co-dependent are we on the rant post. Degrade we must, or implode we will. So keep it fresh bitches and pimps. I know I am a pimp for the Obama that hooker everyday and twice on Monday. Rip on his majesty today and tomorrow and free your mind from the cob webs of donkey doom. I plan to...yes, oh yes, I do.
But, like I said yesterday and the day before, Obama is a TOOL. Not much else to say except that I hope you are enjoying your 41% approval rating O-blame-o. Sucka don't play me!


ba and the boys said...

nik-we can never get tired of your rants

lisa said...

Ditto to ba. We never get tired of your rants on the statist-quos.
They really are quite a cast of characters.
I so want so bad for Pelosi to become the "minority" biotch of the house and be told to shut up and sit down!

namaste said...

can she make me laugh out loud at my desk? OH YES SHE CAN!!

"buy that hooker everyday and twice on Monday"

rant on, nik. rant on!

Janelle said...

Folks, we have a job to do. Our fellow citizens can only rarely survive one term in DC without becoming mentally unhinged. Two terms is a brain strain and multiple terms is dangerous for them and unhealthy for us. Regular intervention is the right course of action. Do the humane thing and vote.

Fredd said...

Good thing this guy is so bad, he' virtual Kryptonite to any Dem running for re-election.