Sunday, August 1, 2010


I've had it. Put a fork in me, I am done. No more Sarah!! I am begging FOX NEWS to do away with her worthless little commentaries and snippets of bumper sticker, tag line and shallow opining. She is not ready to be President and I promise you just because she and you Phants agree on political ideology, does not mean she should be President, Vice or even Secretary of State. This is the same philosophy that got us Obambi Jr. We Republicans, conservatives, whatever in the hell you call yourselves, can not fall into the same retarded trap the democrats fell for when Dumbo the flying big eared baby elephant showed up. Charisma and star power vs. real leadership. Let's not elect another celebrity hungry personality named Sarah I'm hungry for the pretty lights and fame I'm gonna live forever, fame, Palin.
Sarah, bless her heart is not President material. I am not saying she is stupid, but look where sophomoric ideas and NO governing experience got us! PRESIDENTIAL HELL! NO MORE! I will not watch another FOX segment that promotes Sarah as being in the know, because we all SHE isn't in the know she is only in the show. STRAIGHT UP STOP buying the same Kool-Aid Donkey's and some elephants drank in '08. I don't care if Sarah can win, I don't want her. Period. Pretty much OJ Simpson could beat Barack at this point. I say bring the glove and the Bronco Orenthal. I will vomit green if I have to look at her piece of crap BUN ONE MORE TIME! I am tired of politicians who need information fed into their earpieces. WE ALREADY HAVE TELEPROMPTER MAN! Do we need memorize and repeat the same speech over and over girl? I am tired of politico's trying to appear knowledgeable when in the end they have a staff of coaches telling them how to dodge and deflect real questions with SHIZ for answers. Sarah is a political personality with a little political experience, that's it. I don't know that I would vote BHO if she were the other option, but the experience argument would take a serious challenge at that juncture. Stop marketing and pushing these inept people as strong leaders. They are as good as peanut butter ads. Madonna's with little talent but strong commercial backing to make them appear like they are leadership material. People flock because they say the right things and push the right ideological buttons, but this does not translate to real KNOW HOW!
I am to the point of having serious distaste for Sarah. I change the channel when she is on ANYTHING! Go away. She is retarded. There I said it. And I said what I meant and meant what I said. NO SARAH PALIN! Don't make me post an anti Sarah pic.
Bile is coming....
This is pathetic: Bill: President Palin, how many troops do you send to secure the border? Sarah: As many as it takes Bill. Nikki: WOW!! NO SHIT SHERLOCK...freaking Obama jr. Now be a good girl and go pose naked for a mag. AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!
Bill: So let's hear specifics. Sarah: Let me first go back to the importance of securing the border, Bill. Nikki: How about STFU Sarah, you sound stupid.
You can't make me like her. I don't. I can't even write a third of what is wrong with this interview. Sarah. Palin. Is. Barack. Obama. And seriously Dem's, no comments about how Barack is smarter. You sound like a ritard when you say that. Just retreat for about 2 years demmie bitches. I'M OUT!


namaste said...

i can't help but wonder if there isn't some lefty-fox execs behind this push for sarah. sarah's a smart woman with waaaayyyyy more experience than soggy-in-the-diapers-constantly-colicky-barack. but she has been so seriously bitten by the rockstar bug. she's not going away voluntarily, therefore i pray the repugs ignore her as their choice for presidential candidate. i don't want to see our votes to boot obama split.

LOL! @ no shit sherlock!

gutsy post, my friend. it's time we take an honest look at what's happening in our country. i'm not gah-gah for sarah. 19 months as a governor does not make a candidate for president. not in this day and age when people work way less and get paid more.

ba and the boys said...

im still on the mitt wagon. as for sarah-i agree, she is a rockstar. and well have seen what happened to ozzy (sharrrooonnn-the dog s*** in the kitchen)

lisa said...

She actually did the best I ever saw her on Fax News Sunday yesterday,unfortunately the media could make or break her like they did with Oshammy.
He is an empty suit but he can fool the stupid people with his non-intellect by mincing words.
If the media did their job they could have destroyed Oshammy too but they made their choice early on.

Pedaling said...

Oh, Nikki,
did you have to post this on my birthday? ;)

You know I love Sarah Palin.
You also should know that I don't want her on the ballot in 2012.

No worries the Republican nominee will be Mitt Romney.

Nikki said...

PEDALING!! Happy Birthday and so sorry to diss Sarah on your disrespect to you and thank goodness you have enough sense to not want her on the ballot! GO MITT!! Hope you had a great day...:)N

Misfit410 said...

Thank you, I've taken a lot of heat for what I have to say about Palin from my friend son the right but I can't help it, she's a lovely lady and I don't have anything personally against her, I'm sure if I met her in real life I'd quite enjoy talking with her and find her to be a terrific person. But our nation is in a real mess, we need someone with a deep understanding of economics and the effects every decision can have.

Personally I'm pulling for Paul Ryan as our next president, though Peter Schiff would be even better but more of a long shot.

Misfit410 said...

Wait did some of you say you're on the Mitt Wagon? please PLEASE rethink that, Mitt is a joke just as Palin, he is a wishy washy person with a bunch of catch phrases just like Palin, I mean was Obamacare not one of the biggest things we as conservatives opposed? it's a little tough to take any comfort in Romney who brought that to his own state long before Obama was even president.

Pedaling said...

Misfit410, I hear ya,
Notice I didn't say Mitt didn't have some issues to deal with...I just said he'll be the nominee.

He's got the "machine" behind him, the $$$ and most importantly the organization.

wait and see.

lisa said...

Whoever the Republicans put up the media will go after them relentlessly. I don't want to see Palin maybe she should get in the congress first and get at least more experience tat our State Senator president.
I wouldn't mind seeing a Romney/Ryan ticket because I think it's our best chance.
I know people are tired of Gingrich but I believe he has more knowledge of the issues and I believe he could out-debate Obama although any of the 3 would be more effective than McCain was in getting the message across.
I wonder what kind of repsonse I would get if I made a
" Romney/Ryan 012" sign and put it in my car window?

Nikki said...

misfit, I understand having ideological issues with candidates, but we need someone who can get this economy going and that person is Mitt Romney. Linking his less than desirable ideas is counter-productive when health care is already passed. Mitt has already maintained that what works for individual states is not federally mandated. It's an unfair critique in my opinion. But such is the state of politics...One item ideologues running amok. Thanks for your comment..:)N

EDGE said...

I'd rather have her than Obama any day...I don't believe she can beat him though.

I Speak My Mind Out said...

When are people going to open their eyes and get off the President Barack Obama train they’re on. He is still blaming President George W. Bush for anything and everything he gets called on. (His followers do the same.) When does he have to start accepting responsibility? It has been a year and a half.

Why is it anytime you disagree with him or his actions, you’re called a racist. Racist? Just because you disagree with the guy? I thought race relations would be better. He ought to be ashamed. This is a huge step backward.

What kind of president goes on a world tour to apologize for the country that elected him? America got to where it’s at by being a God-fearing country, helping other countries and helping to stomp out communism. Yes, sometimes America had to be a little harsh to get things done. This man is more upset about Israel building apartments on their God-given land then he is about nuclear arms that enemy countries possess. It took him eight days to get to the oil spill, two days to even make a comment about the attempted bombing in New York. If that was Bush, the media would have gone crazy and into a frenzy polling people and everything else.

Last of all, for eight years all we heard was how Bush stole the president’s office. (I think Obama’s citizenship is still in question.) The news, talk shows, Democrats and liberal Republicans trashed our commander-in-chief daily, to the point of making up lies (remember Dan Rather?) and now we are told to play nice and how out of line we are to say anything about a man even some of those who voted for are now seeing the lies and regretting their vote. I can’t wait until November

Sandi said...

Haven't been on your site for awhile and I LOVE the look! You know how I feel about Sarah. She's way past her level of ability, but she's good at rallying the troops (to do what, I don't know) and she can draw crowds. But run for a high-level office. Nope. BA - I like Mitt, too!