Saturday, October 30, 2010


First of all please excuse my very long absence. I have taken a much needed break from writing and opining and of course being right about pretty much everything. It's quite exhausting. The reasons are personal and let me just say I am back....WITH A VENGEANCE! I appreciate the emails and comments on facebook asking me to return and letting me know I was missed. It means more to me than you know!
I suspect you all know the happenings in the political world. Political bloggers and readers are savvy and informed news junkies that keep America and our politicians hopping. I haven't been sobbing watching the President fall like my boobs are in my forties. In fact, I have been smiling from ear to ear and everything in between those lobes have been pulsating with utter glee at the self destruction of the most worthless party in America. While so many in the democratic party are dumb as posts, the reality is that the philosophy is severely wrong and therefore can't ever be considered a legitimate governmental option. The democrats took less than two years to F*** it all up and let me just break it down for the criminally insane who refuse to acknowledge their own cerebral bulimia. Stop puking up nonsense donkey ass hats and take some reality drugs since the land of Unicorns is crashing and burning.
First of all, Obama is dumb. My litmus is none other than Dubya. Dubya ran the country successfully for more than six years before the economy went into the crapper. We can argue all day long about the reasons for the economic failure, but for the sake of time and space let's just say the faggot Barney Frank (yea he is a loser so he gets gay bashed and he totally phobes me out)and Chris oh my dog Dodd should be in friggin jail, bitches. Also, This Obama BS about repug policy sending us to economic outer darkness is so ginormously ridiculous. Freaking shut it O. You are sooooo in over your big fat ears and head, Homer Simpson looks like a viable option to take your place. Do we have time to discuss the tax code? No we do not, but in simple dumb-ass democrat terms, government taking our money to start government projects to create jobs is like letting Heidi Fleiss run Microsoft. Get the point pirate hookers??
Democrats marketed the political scene as HOPE and CHANGE and more importantly, let us save you serfs. So a lot of Americans sat on their asses waiting for some HOPE, CHANGE and free stuff while the economy continued to fall into oblivion. Stupid lazy rabbit, tricks are for kids!! Like Eminem says "NOW GET UP" make the economy go round Americans and don't wait on the guv! Now we are all waiting for jobs and our luxurious lives we had under the Bush administration. I ask you "Are you better off today than you were 2 years ago?" I heard a resounding EFF NO! We all heard it folks.
While Obama stumpy stump, stumps like a braying jack ass, his message is old like a broken disco record. AHHHH Freak OUT! Le Freak says Chic....Freak OUT! Freak out! Freak Out! Freak Out! SOMEBODY TURN THAT DAMN RECORD OFF!! Obanana is going with the retarded car stuck in a ditch, bitch routine. Sigh. Did Jerry Bruckheimer die or something? Where are the Hollywood writers writing new material for their main retard Jack O'Bama? This lame diatribe is going to be followed by the "Republicans want you all to die, starve and never go to college" aka I am a desperate loser President trying to send you to live in Amityville Horror, routine. BOO! I think democrats better shove a broom up their asses and start sweeping my sidewalk while they haul my ass to jail because I don't want health insurance. Thanks Barry O, Harry R and Nancy P, but you guys can take your Health insurance and shove it up your anal canal so says 60% of America! Hocus Pocus....witchy pooh, says Nancy Pelosi of the donkey zoo.
The only thing that sucks about the Phants taking over is that now Mr. Do Nothing can continue to whine and say, butt, butt it's the republicans who are obstructionists blocking all we are trying to accomplish! This is gonna send me to whine HELL. You know it's coming folks and mommy and daddy citizen are saying well then junior, you should have done something the first 2 years you had a super majority you worthless piece of crap! But that might pounce on O's fragile self-esteem and is so not love and logic. It's hate speech and I love it.
O stands for OLD. This act is old...DOOD. Rest assured people, I am loving watching the most worthless government to ever adorn Washington DC go down like Death Star. Barack Vader and his clones are done and I am climaxing like CHEWBACCA! YO!


tammy said...

Oh Nikki, how I have missed you!!

Pedaling said...

you had me at Dubya!

I laughed through the entire post...
and then at the end, I thought to myself, "Oh, how glad I am that you are on our side."

Best post I've read in a seriously long time.
So glad you're back-

Nikki said...

Thanks you guys!! You're the best...I think I am here to stay! It felt good banging on the old computer keys!! :)N

namaste said...

YAY!!!! you're back!! woo-hoo!!

take any break you want to. you totally deserve it! just as long as you come back!

i LOVE that you put that childish pic of obama next to bush being a grown up. PERRRFECT!

you're a ninja in this post! spitting nails and fire! high five!! go nik!

Nikki said...

Thanks Maria, feels good to be back my friend! Love goin' total ninja on Barack! Woohoo!! :)N

Janelle said...

Priceless...worth waiting for - you are the goddess of snark!

Nikki said...

Thank you Janelle!! I like being a goddess!! ;)N

Justine said...

Thought I to myself: 'tis election eve day, and surely Nikki could not be so cruel as to not give us one more fired-up rant with which to soar on the wings of ueber-snark into the polling booths!* Came by to see, and -- happy day! -- you're back! Much missed you were; much appreciated you are. Welcome back -- and don't leave us for so long again.

(Some lines in this post were pure poetry, by the way.)

*In WA we're all mail-in -- all the better to commit massive King County voter fraud with, my dear -- but most lucky Americans still get to go to the polls, right?

Nikki said...

Justine, your words are too kind! It feels good to back in the politico saddle...people like you keep me energized! :)N

Lisa said...

aahhh welcome back. Just when I was starting to get over you....not!

El Cerdo Ignatius said...

Hey Nik! I am on break as well, but thought I'd check in now that the midterms are over. Congratulations on a breathless, rambling screed the likes of which I have not seen in a long time. Nice to see you back, even if it's going to take me a day or two to put all the red marks on your post for improper grammar.

[Ducks out of way of flying objects]

Welcome back, kid!

Nikki said...

El C...thanks for stopping by and red marking the place! My blog just wouldn't be the same without it! Great to hear from you. You have always been one of my faves! Even if you are Canadian. ;)N