Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I like to blog about George, so much so, that a lot of people think George and I are secretly getting freaky. Maybe. I don't kiss and tell. I suppose the assumption would be that I would have to have some sort of sexual attraction to be so much in the Bush camp. Much like so many Obama clones who can't see the fallibility of O. Perhaps this is the case. But let me just state for the record that, NO, George and I aren't dating and no my judgment is not clouded by a deep ceded psychological daddy figure girl crush.
Don't get me wrong, I don't shy away from the "I'm attracted to you" vote. I am an advocate for eye candy representatives and think America would be a much better place if our political leaders were hot-looking vs. the old man pervert type who get caught with their pants down or their skirts up. No doubt about it, I support all hot looking, crush worthy politicians....who are male. Having said all that, I have more to say about that George who is making the rounds selling his book and repeatedly stating what he stated the last 5 interviews. So goes self promotion and so goes the free to market thyself system. I hope to be in a commercial promoting myself someday, I have delusions of grandeur many. Democrats can't complain about Dubya's self promotion when their guy is the grand daddy of all self promoters. Obama wins. He is one big-ass ME commercial.
I want to speak to one particular incident while trolling the George chat. First of all, George and I align perfectly politically which is why I support him so strongly. We see eye to eye on most things. Socially we are very conservative, fiscally moderate and hawks all the way. While George did grow the government, few would complain about that if they understood that most of the growth was grounded in the war on terror. Yea his prescription drug program and education policies may have sucked butt, but he did campaign on those two worthless gigs and he did follow through. He gets points for keeping his word even though we could have done without both legislative turds. His attempt at immigration policy created a lot of brain tumors among conservative elite and quite frankly, they can suck it. I live in Arizona and the police here have too much power as it is and that is a bigger concern to me than a bunch of Mexicans mowing some guys lawn, illegally. Allegedly. Remember our rights? The Constitution? That document you Glenn Beck types claim to adhere to oh so stringently. And yet, I feel at times that I live in a police state, except now I can smoke some doobage if my head hurts. SMOKIN! Legalized pot in a state where they can take your car with no probable cause. Makes perfect liberal sense.
W was recently interviewed by Bill O'Reilly. Of course I watched. It was one of the better interviews. After the interview Bill asked Laura Ingram how she thought it went and she opined like a true bent repug. Laura stated that she thinks W is likable and then went on some diatribe about W growing the government and TARP this and TARP that, yadda yadda BS and how W should be out there campaigning for the Repugs instead of retreating like Dubya does. Laura needs to get laid and Laura needs to take some crabby pills. Sigh. Memo: To: Laura Ingram: Why should George campaign for the phants? Why should Dubya campaign for a party that 2 years ago said, "no thanks dude, we got it. Make yourself scarce and die already." The Republican party left George HIGH AND DRY! They cut and run when Bush wanted to implement a immigration "guest worker" program and was torn to shreds by pretty much every republican out there all while giving Sainthood to Ronald Reagan who gave illegals AMNESTY! The Republican party also cried fowl as soon as the war in Iraq went south and they could no longer ride the 9/11 popular George. Fair weather friends are Republicans. The Republican party left George in the dust to go fight the big democratic machine with a crack pot named Sarah Palin. Republicans turned on George especially the elitist conservative entertainers like Glenn, Laura, Michelle and a few other "purist" conservatives. Take your right-wing purity and shove it. I can be as conservative as I choose to be. Laura was arrogant enough to think George was talking about her in his book. Oh really Laura?? I don't think so. Your anal retentive conservatism is what got us this joker of a President, hear that? How do you like me now? America shouldn't nation build? Really? How constipated are you? Your isolationist approach would ensure a lot of US dependent democracies failure and I do not see that as a good thing. Conservatives, don't take me there, I don't want to go. Don't take me to Libertarian land. Let's stick with real Judeo-Christian values and not wander into ridiculous Glenn Beck extremes. So no Laura, Dubya doesn't want to campaign for the party that dissed him. Get it? You don't own me, the party and most of all you don't monopolize conservative thought. I don't need your opinions to flow through me and this is where W and I connect. His decisions don't flow through you or Glenn either. His decisions count, yours do not. They are fluffy pillows of air flowing through robot brains in radio land. Rumor has it that George would get top praiseworthy billing on your boring radio show if he were able to check mark your true conservative ideology, but again, he didn't cow tow to your demands and so you alienated half of the party against itself. How did that work for us?? You get no credit for being objective for your George ripping. You gave us Obama. You live with that. And now we have 2 factions of the republican party to deal with, the extreme right and the I am extremely right. Besides Laura, your hair is stupid. NOW GET UP!


namaste said...

nik, you have always stood by your man, george. I completely admire this about you. you are not a fair-weather girl AT ALL. that's the sucky thing you can't get away from in politics or any public job (such as movie & tv industry). you WILL be deserted if you start to smell unpopular. takes a lot of spine to break away from the crowd in those careers.

i especially like this post for its truth. standing firmly on your principles is a thing to be admired. not a lot of people can do it. thanks for your consistency!

btw, i don't think a daddy-figure girl crush is a bad thing. s

Lisa said...

your hair is stupid,lol!!!!!
I still say W can beat O at any physical and/or mental activity.