Monday, November 1, 2010


Everybody wants to talk about George, even the Democrats. Unfortunately for the donks, the talk is turning from inflammatory, to congratulatory. We the people are learning fast and hard that the media and especially the lying Democrats, were uber-wrong about George. It doesn't take NASA to draw a line from the same media having sex with and promoting Barack being the same media murdering George page by page, day by day while he was President. Promoting one and crucifying the other. And now we have the guy they said was awesome, and he sucks. Evidentiary score for the political CSI unit. Yes, the jig is up and the peeps are scratching their heads saying, "Well if this slobbering infatuated media was so wrong about this Barack dude, then they were wrong about that W dude."
I love the Thompson Twins and all songs about lying. Lies, lies, lies, yea...they're gonna get you, they won't forget you. And sure enough here we are in the middle of a fabricated Presidency delivered to you by media thugs and a conjured up destruction of one of the best Presidents we have ever had. Don't argue with me. The media played you sucka's. The Losertarians may argue with that Presidential claim, but remember folks, losertarians can't win big elections, even with crying, shaking chin Beck backing their strange agenda.
The legacy of the Bush administration is currently taking its proper shape. Going head to head, W vs. O, many polls have Bush beating Obama in a Presidential election...handily. It makes my crack pipe sing the song of addicted bliss. Of course, an unnamed Republican with head trauma and bloody brains falling out would also beat Obama, but you get the point. Rock star to loser Pluto planet in less than 2. I almost pee from shear glee every time I say that didd-ee.
George got a big cheer last night at the World Series and even though the Rangers didn't show up to beat the gay Giants, George 41 and 43 are studs. Not a shocker that Dubya can throw a ball and be President better than the mom jean fag throw administration mumbojumbo we get from Barry O. O is so slow. Get the dude a helmet before he does permanent damage.
George did it! The Republicans did it! Jesus did it! My wife did it!! My dog did it! The man did it! No one is left and no one believes Barry any. freaking. more. But for now, let's watch a good throw, and a good President. Pre-election fun before we take the House back. Mr. last good President, I'm a fan. Don't mess with Texas and don't vote DEMOCRAT EVER AGAIN PEOPLE!! Buy the book: Decision Points.


ba and the boys said...

im glad people are finally pulling their heads out. i love w and im proud of it!
and yes-im getting that book!

namaste said...

"Not a shocker that Dubya can throw a ball and be President better than the mom jean fag throw administration..."

nik, don't you get tired of being right all the time? whew! what a burden you must carry. lol!

i think yours is an an excellent observation of the media and am so glad you note it here. their over-the-top worship of obama has destroyed their credibility (whatever was left of it) FOREVER. this is why we've all turned to bloggers to balance out our news.

great post!

Pedaling said...

almost posted that video clip yesterday...glad to see it here!
I never left the George Bush camp!
Love the man and I will be buying his book. You can count on that!

El Cerdo Ignatius said...

Bush 41 looks good for 86 years of age. And nice to see he and Dubya getting some cheers in Arlington.