Monday, November 8, 2010


Now that we are back to ignoring the issues and pouting, I feel the need to vent my angst for the pro positive self-esteem softer tone crowd. You know who you are. You are the left. The sour milk babies that can't suck enough teet from the federal government and the American tax payer. You can't get a damn thing done and instead bitch and moan about the nasty right, who are right, always. Now instead of addressing the problems we are facing in our economy, the robot left talking heads are making the rounds on all the cable news channels with their shaking, slobbering chins and bibs. They are going with the "we need to change the tone of our discourse" talking point. It's ok to disagree, but do you have to be so damn nasty about it? Well, as a matter of fact, yes. Slobbering Obama clone: Can't we argue with more kindness and find common ground? Nikki: OK, dick weed, how about you come 5 steps to my door and make the Bush tax cuts permanent and then I will sniff your stinky health care butt. I am surprised half these Obama dudes aren't wearing floral blouses and hair ribbons. Did I see stilettos and pantyhose on that "democratic strategist"? Their man parts are like turtles retreating into their shells after this major political blow. OK, OK people, you are right, but say it nicely, mmmkay? You're scaring me.
I love the baby cake lefty Omama's. Who would they be if they weren't arguing for more making love and less uncivil discourse? It's the new civility right. The right to hear something in a calm tone like Miss Julie looking into her mirror and saying hello to all the children out there in La La Land. Pretty please Mr. President, stop sucking the economy dry with your anti-corporate sentiment. It's ok that you fly around like Elvis because you are you and I don't want to hurt your tender feelings but we could use some relief if you have time after all your fabulous travels and campaigning(uncivil run-on). I mean ya know, if you feel like it. Peace bro...we the people have some concerns, but you know I say that with LOVE for you and my fellow man....and woman and gay peeps. I mean maybe I'm not hearing you correctly? I may have had some cotton in my ears and watched soaps all day. In kindergarten terms Mr. President, do you think you could explain your agenda to my retarded brain? I mean you are superior and I am listening slowly. I beg your pardon for taking a condescending and sarcastic "tone" with you Obama lover man. Forgive me...
BLEH! I coughed up a lung cookie just writing that LOVE muffin paragraph. Let's stop worrying about the "tone" and get back to the ISSUES. Take a backbone pill and start hearing my words through my tone, you do have a degree from Haaahrvard? You can't hear me unless I shout, I know that is a fact. I like passionate uncivil discourse. It's more real when it packs a punch. I'm not saying we should talk with an oozie, but why should I mind my manners? I can't fake nice. I can't lie like you donks. I will not cower to your weak demands of civility in debate. You don't know the meaning of the word, civility. You only know your ideological dictatorial ways and quite frankly we are beating you at your game. Take your tone and shove it up your civil discourse. And take your common ground bullshit and cram it down your bi-partisan ship. There is no such thing as common ground or civil debate. We are ideological opposites and we do not attract and that's how it should be. Send in the clowns, you're not funny and I refuse to be nice. End. Of. Discourse. YO!


Lisa said...

that was great Nikki. You couldn't have hit the elitist head on the nose any better than using their snubness right back at them.
They are the ones who set the tone because they wanted to use it against us by calling us angry ,upset and any other name they could pull out of their bag of tricks.
They are not the parents,we are. And they hate that they are being reprimanded.

I can't fake nice either and I also downright refuse to use civil discourse against a bunch of evildoers.

The Vineyard said...

I hear you. I will have to admit that many of my recent conversations start out okay then as soon as the lying and blaming starts, not only do I get honest and direct with my words.

And then when you call them out for being insincere and lying, their feelings get hurt and you are hurtful. Not one name called or curse word on my part. Boo freakin' hoo.

namaste said...

recently a colleague called me rude because my tone towards her didn't sound gentle enuf. she said i sounded snippy. i wanted to say "f*ck off you ass-face!" but i didn't. holding my tongue was as kind as i could get.

i'm with you on this one, nik. no civil discourse! let's just stick to the issues. warm and fuzzy is me not kidney-punching you til you drool. fun, mouthy post!

Shnurki said...

I'm with you as well. I'm done with civil discourse.

I'm used to your kind of ire- but in the former USSR, where I grew up. I'm used to it- albeit in a slightly more grammatical form- in a country that has undergone trauma of the sort that most Americans cannot even begin to imagine. (Interestingly, those Americans who can aren't the ones who are furious right now.) That trauma doesn't make racism and calls to violence okay, but it makes it slightly more palatable. I've got no sympathy for your rage. All I can say is, right back at you.

El Cerdo Ignatius said...

Civil discourse? The Dems are complaining that the discourse from the right isn't civil enough?

In related news, local arsonists are complaining about fires in their neighbourhoods.

Shnurki said...

Bill Maher (your boy) speaking to your point:

Nikki said...

Shnurki, thanks for the clip. How obvious is it that Bill Maher reads my blog!? I mean get your own material dude! :)N