Wednesday, November 3, 2010


It took Americans less than 2 years to take the morning after pill. We swallowed it and purged that pesky mistake. Let the record show that liberalism is a failure. Let the record show that Obamaism is a failure and more importantly let the record show that America can and will correct itself when it is blatantly wrong like we have always done.
It's not like we didn't have California. California is the biggest liberal failure test tube in the nation and yet Americans fell for the emotional diatribe of the most elitist campaign in American history. Never before has one man been so marveling in his delivery of such nonsense. The select few of us who saw passed this convict are here to say we told you so, so let me just say, we told you so.
The winners of this election are the American people. The Republican party did not win. As we sit and decipher all of government and its current invasive nature, the Republicans can not be excluded from the label of governmental failure. That includes the elephants that jumped ship and voted for Obama and any incumbents that need to move on from old school ideals and same old Washington bullshit. This election is about a revolution of incumbency just as much as it is about failed philosophy. And to my chagrin, there was exception to that rule. Nevada screwed us all and clung to Harry Reid and Massachusetts stabbed us in the labia by continuing the Barney Frank incumbency. I have no words to describe my shock and awe where those two are concerned. But so be it. I suspect a more moderate Republican would have beaten Reid, but that's just the RINO in me talking. Sharon Angle was too conservative for the state of legalized prostitution and mafia love. Republicans need to be smarter than that. Take a win even if it means a less than Beckish phant. The damage is done and now we have to look at Harry for 6 more Medusa years. Just don't look directly at it. Mother EFF! As for Barney, Vermont is liberal hell.
Ron Johnson and Marco Rubio are the big stories of the day. Ron a business man with no prior political experience defeating the incumbent Senator Feingold. This is as heartwarming a story that could ever be told. No experience required here. This is no Obama story. A business man knows how to run things contrary to the popular belief that a college professor can. No foreign policy experience needed when its about the economy, stupid. You go RON!
Marco Rubio a totally hot Cuban American gave the most compelling speech of the night. Laying it out for American exceptionalism and apologizing, NOT AT ALL. The son of Cuban exiles broke it down like a politician should, with honesty, sparing us from nonsensical politically correct words. This is America and we are proud, so say it and he did. Cringing was heard and felt by all liberals who uttered the word "xenophobia" collectively in their pot houses. You go Marco!
My favorite coverage of the returns was for sure on CNN. They went completely donkers when a Democrat won. You would have thought they were trying to prevent mass donkey suicide the way they hopped on the few wins the Dem's squeezed out. Not only that, but I found their panels much more interesting and depressed. I took joy from their black clouds raining and hovering over the diehards. I liked watching Paul Begala spin right round like Flo Rida. CNN's conservative representatives were spot on and represented well. Unlike the scripted Sarah Palin who sounds like a bumper sticker commercial every time she speaks. It is so obvious that she is fed the questions before hand. Stop the Sarah infatuation. We need some real economic mojo, no offense to her fans. She is a formidable campaigner and should remain in that circuit. But that's it.
Fox news coverage sucked in my opinion. I thought Brent Baer was going to clock Meagan Kelly several times over the course of the evening, and quite frankly so was I. I am not sure who she is sleeping with, but she sucks major ass as an anchor. She is abrasive and has major diarrhea of the mouth. Shut the hell up Meagan!! I had to change the channel before I threw something at our idiot box, and while Fox was much faster at reporting, I preferred the slow and steady rip on Obama on CNN. I felt like I was drinking hot chocolate all night, with marshmallows and a dash of cinnamon. Mmmmmm, I feel so warm mommy. Nothing like watching the donks take it straight up their lefty assocrats. Pun right there.
So glad this little experiment into liberalism is starting to be over. Obama is playing the Bill Clinton in '94 part fairly well, but I suspect his arrogance will keep him kicking against the pricks. We shall see and we shall continue to push forward with no other option but to replace the executive branch next. No good-byes and no good riddance offered here. Just GET THE HELL OUT, AND STAY OUT! I. AM. OUT.


namaste said...

"The winners of this election are the American people."

here here! i couldn't agree more.

"the state of legalized prostitution and mafia love." who does an election wrap up better than you, nik?! it's time for you to be on t.v! seriously.

as for sarah? *sigh* i guess in her defense i'll say if 50 kajillion people were following me on facebook everyone else would be pretty hardpressed on shutting me up too.

great election recap!

Nikki said...

Thanks Maria!! TV?? I don't know, I think my inability to filter my words would be too dangerous! HA! I agree with you about Sarah. She has a following and FOX is paying a pretty salary, but for Eskimo sake! Say something resembling anything!...mwah! :)N

Justine said...

LOL! I'm a Palin fan, but not a slavish one. I just get a kick out of her sense of fun and happy heart and the way that her continued appeal makes lib heads explode! She is a little over-exposed, though, I'll admit.

Marco Rubio is totally a hottie and was a smashing win last night. Loved the Pat Toomey win in PA. Nice to see that some of the Great Lakes states went really red. And Kristi Noem in SD was a surprise pick-up from a conservative Dem.

Big disappointment that we didn't ditch Harry or Babs. And JERRY BROWN!?! OMGoodness -- can CA even pretend to be a serious place anymore? Can you imagine the new tourism commericial featuring old Blast-from-the-Past? Ah-nold was annoying as anything, but at least he and Maria made CA look somewhat appealing on the TV ads. And Lisa M in AK -- this is just a bad lesson from AK voters. No entitlement princess should be able to throw a hissy fit and win an election. Pooh to that!

Still biting nails and churning tummies here in WA. Dino's close -- so close . . .

Thanks for the wrap-up. A good time, as always! :-)

Nikki said...

Justine, a very comprehensive wrap-up by you! I agree, too many more that should have been ousted but what can we do about the died in the wool liberal states, not much! Especially California. You make a great point about Sarah raising the blood pressure of the left, I like that too!!! :)N

Janelle said...

Brown won simply because he promised not to touch all the pensions which are helping bankrupt the state. Where Moonbeam is going to find the $$$ for those is the real question.
What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas........unfortunately, that doesn't apply to that dour old dolt, Reid. Nevada, surely you can find a more attractive crook than him!

Lisa said...

Great Post Nikki. Your are back just as strong after your hiatus.
I am in NY and again we are losers like CA.
CA is the only state who can pas a budget with 12 trillion dollars of borrowed money and we are not too far behind.
What can you except from states where everyone eats from the public trough?
Cuomo says he is going to fix NY,ha. The only thing he's ever fixed are crooked bids and get out of jail free cards for his cronies.
One day someone is going to have to make some unpopular decisions which is why I voted for Paladino. NY and CA need someone to go in there and clean things up with a baseball bat. It's the only thing they will penetrate their thick skulls.
I love you line about California being a failed test tube for liberalism.
You always have a line that gets me.

Welcome back. Looking forward to more.

Nikki said...

Thanks Janelle and Lisa! It's great to be back and I appreciate your comments and support....boy we kicked some major ass on Tuesday!! :)N

El Cerdo Ignatius said...

Nevada screwed us all and clung to Harry Reid and Vermont stabbed us in the labia by continuing the Barney Frank incumbency.

Hey Nik - great to see you basking in the glow of a victory of a very good night. However, your nitpicking Canadian reader would like to mention that Bawney Fwank is from Massachusetts, not Vermont.

As for your mention of Harry Reid and Sharon Angle, I can't say I agree that she is too conservative for Nevada. I think she ran a lousy campaign and Harry and the DNC threw gobs of money at his campaign to attack, attack, attack and the GOP wasn't ready for it. Not to mention that Reid had a good ground game going on election day and Angle didn't. If a moderate GOP candidate plays better in Nevada, John McCain should have carried the state in 2008. But Angle reduced the spread by 8 points. And, if you think about it, maybe having the Dems in the majority in the Senate is exactly what is needed to set the table for 2012. The GOP can't be blamed for everything, because they're in the minority in the Senate. And having Harry Reid continue as Obama's water boy on Capitol Hill is only going to hurt the Dems two years from now.

So party like it's 1999!

Nikki said...

El C!! Thanks for the correction, you are right BF us from Mass. See how my brain stopped working after no blogging for 3 months. My bad! :)N