Monday, December 27, 2010


Liberals and I don't see eye to eye. Especially when they say and do stupid things, which is all the time. Liberals can't help it because stupid is what stupid does. Let me back up. Michael Vick. I am not a dog lover. I have a dog and I love him, mostly because I have to. I get dog love, but not human-like dog love. Personally I don't get the whole crucify Michael Vick thing over some dog fights. Should he be punished, hell yes! Not saying dude isn't jacked-up and maybe even a future serial killer. But I suppose my issue would be that as soon as child molesters get as serious a punishment as dog abusers, then I will get bent by Mikey's doggy actions. But until then, I think 3 years for canine mistreatment is a bit excessive.
Moving forward, there is no doubt that Michael Vick is an amazing football player and in spite of his doggy deal, he deserves to be where he is and were I an owner of an NFL team I would likewise hook-up dude for some cowhide throws. But the thing has gone south. Down wind the sitchmo went like a liberal without a cause. Liberals need causes like people need food. It fuels their incessant need to be heroes and sustains the mass narcissism of one enchanted group of liberal self-loathing losers. I suppose the fact that Barry has no more causes that the left can hug like a scared child in bed with a boogie man in the closet has taken shape and therefore justified a call to the Philly half-way house called the Eagles. Barry has no where to go. He has no backbone. He is an unprincipled man with no value system to call upon in times of such unpopularity. With very few feeling the Barry love, he soon will fall from planet no-guts and we'll see the hollow insides of a yielding and adorned addicted Nelly Olsen ringlet President.
The biggest piece of crap message from the phone call to the owner of the Eagles from the President, and I use that term lightly, is that O-Shawshank took the time to make the call and according to the Eagles camp the President said that "released prisoners rarely receive a level playing field and that Vick's story could begin to change that." I am scratching my watch and winding my butt. What the hell does that mean? Am I to understand that when society is wronged by a worthless thug that they should in turn, turn around and offer "equal" treatment to the felon when convict darkens the doorways of our businesses?? Really? Forgive, forget and hire in the name of equality? Corporation and business owners should give equal credence to felons? Tutor-time should consider Jack the Pedophile for kiddie teacher after Jack serves time, in the name of equality? I ask you lefty jailbird lovers, why does the "playing field" need to be equaled? How is this game of fairness in life supposed to play out? Are we as Americans really suppose to be playground cops and mommies to ensure all around us including criminals get their "fair" share? Seriously, you serve time and it should be hard to get a gig. This is jacked-up nonsense and I can no longer play nice. Where is the therapist in the sky? Who can help me understand the psychology of such ridiculousness?
Michael and Barack sitting in a tree...
In the meantime, Barack: SHUT THE HELL UP! Stop playing Jesus to the convicts. Let us in society who have to deal with scum all around us decide whether or not their playing field should be leveled. Go back to Chicago and sit on Oprah's lap while she hires some burglars and serial killers to work for Harpo. Stop playing warden to America's returning home prison population. Stop advocating for the freaking orange suits who pick up trash on the highway like they just did time in the peace corp. Digging ditches is where they belong until they can prove otherwise. When you wrong America, you have to earn her trust and that means no level playing field for the kiddies who don't play nice. No trophies for the losers. And if I don't see your skinny tail with a bunch of chain gang rats cleaning your toilets soon, you will get run. Never set yourself up for a hypocrisy call-out Mr. President, because we will call you out. Now, let's see some 25 to lifers cutting your lawn Barry. Idiot. Oh and....hide your pure bred. Kudos for offending PETA....


namaste said...

nik, so HAPPY to see a post here. but i'm headed to work! i'll read and write a real comment then. i have dogs and love them mostly cuz i have to too! haha!

namaste said...

"And if I don't see your skinny tail with a bunch of chain gang rats cleaning your toilets soon, you will get run."

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! my favorite line, hands down.

you make a good point by referencing barry's lack of core values. in the absence of these, he's all over the place, and yes, with absolutely no backbone. this post was funny and spot on! a sitting president announcing that prisoners need a level playing field is pathetic, retarded and reflects America's state of affairs.

well done, nik!

Lisa said...

Many serial killers started out that way,see Jeffrey Dalmer.
Anyway why does OBummer always have to say something? I am tired of his "enlightenment"

Anyway Vick did more than abuse dogs he hung them and soaked them down and electrocuted them which is another reason Obummer chiming in just makes him, look more like the insignificant person he is.