Friday, December 3, 2010


I am loyal to the Republican party, but not to its ideology. For the sake of argument let's just state for the record that neither political party holds a monopoly on what could be considered a full proof method of governing. It would appear, however, that having a flawed philosophy vs. being flat out wrong, are two different things. Now that I have stated the obvious, let me release the pressure building up in my lobe about this topic. And on a side note, the Libertarian party is the most flawed of all...more on that later. Try to follow along. I had a hard time myself.
I think it is far more important to be faithful to a party than to ideology and let me explain why. Political parties will change for the bad, or good and of course so will the puppets we call politicians who represent the parties. Political posturing is nothing new and neither is pandering to certain mob mentalities. I don't expect perfection from my government nor our elected officials and it is time for Americans to stop the sanctimonious bullshit of demanding it. Being unyielding will turn you into a Libertarian or a Communist. Serious sphincter overload. Anal retentive constipated absolutists running amok in both parties in my mind. Either way, pick and choose your platform and try to remain a stalwart party follower without the party dictating your thoughts. Many in both ideological factions are regurgitated party elite affiliates. In other words, please, think for yourself.
I love watching politicians troll the talk shows and blame previous administrations for this or that or the other thing. One thing that is always missing is citizen responsibility. The biggest problem with NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND is parental responsibility. A stalwart education remains on the shoulders of educators, more specifically teachers. Parents are the biggest influence in a child's education, start acting like it folks. Yes Americans, sometimes we f*** up. Perhaps the current state of affairs of squandering and mishandling tax dollars is on the head of the federal government, but so is the A-Moral way we choose to live as Americans. Banks would need no regulating if those running them were honest upstanding citizens. Citizens would not need the police if we weren't so busy coveting what others have. We the people demand certain things that inadvertently send us down the proverbial toilet. Most A-moral behavior is sanctioned by the democratic party. They push a covetous tax code message. Take from the evil rich people so the have-nots can have. The constant parade of deflated morals is more often than not the result of a complacent and jacked-up citizenry. We can't continue to bemoan the government while at the same time acting like spoiled children who want the golden goose back NOW! Obama wants to say it, you know he does. Get off your ass America and help America out. Stop bitching and moaning and just ride the tidal wave of you made this bed, now lie in it.
I am tired of fault finding. Especially, and this may shock you, among the Republican party. Republicans have to go back decades to appease the current tone of blameology. Oh now wait a minute Mr. Leno, those kids back in the eighties spent a lot of money on Star Wars....Who got us into this mess? Those old dudes of the 2000's, 1990's and the 1980's. The all caused the governmental domino affect of misery. Though last I checked, America wanted the solutions offered by the pinheads of the past. But how about the current citizenry who borrowed more money than they could afford to pay back? What about predatory borrowers who sank their own ship by getting interest only loans for a bigger and better house? So many of us live beyond our means and stomp around like school children now that the fat cow is dead. We curse the government, capitalism and philosophical ideals all in the name of who is at fault. Gone are the days of buying a home and living in it forever. We have first home buyers and those looking to upgrade. We are so spoiled and jaded that we actually think the government owes us our lifestyles back and if they would just stop spending like junkies, our wealth would return. Perhaps this is true. But in the end aren't we the captains of our own ships? The blame is 2 fold: Obama for being a dumb-ass and America for loving money and things more than thrift. End. Of. Story. Leave the previous administrations out of it. Obama dug the hole deeper, he gets the brunt, mostly because he blames the most. He who blames the most gets the most Nikkiland.
While conservatism provides for a much cleaner, free market machine, it clearly relies on the honesty of corporations to keep the money funneling downward. Liberalism wants to steal corporate cash so they can create an American Utopia according to their views, as we see with Michelle Obama legislating a healthy lifestyle. Freedom no more. Liberals believe in idealism over freedom. Freedom comes with varying degrees of wealth and happiness and by its nature offers no assistance, only an atmosphere of adjunct perseverance. Freedom provides a blanket of mobility so that we can self-determine. Liberals see differing class systems as injustice. When there is a class struggle there is inequality and inequality is not freedom, according to the left who has hijacked the democratic party. I say to them, inequality does not negate freedom. Inequality and freedom are two different things and yet the left would offer them as the same ideological theme. You can be poor and still have freedom. You may not be as rich as your neighbor, but you are free to act on your circumstances in this the United States of America. Equality pertains to the law, not to our socio-economic status. And the government stepping in where we the people fall short is flat out unacceptable and every citizen should agree to that basic American philosophy.
Offering citizens help through governmental assistance is fine with me. But let's not forget that this government is now so far reaching that it will begin to cripple middle America. While many bemoan the past and its spiraling deficits and debt, let's not forget that once CURRENT offered budget cuts happen, a large part of the population will be unemployed. Like it or not, jobs circulate money into the economy whether they are government subsidies or jobs from the private sector. Now the dilemma is within the walls of Washington to muddy the waters of rhetoric. I fail to see this as productive. Republicans can be so sanctimonious and apathetic to real situations. Opinions in fairy land forget that real people are employed by the government and these folks will take the hit from your hard-ass conservative cut spending approach, and so will the economy. Balancing the budget isn't as clear cut as many conservatives would like to think. It's like giving a man with broken legs a wheel chair and 3 weeks later telling him he should be walking with crutches and must now get his own. As damaged as the philosophy is, he is now reliant and crippling him further will do more harm. Social Security did the same. Take it away? Even retired Republicans will scream bloody freaking murder were they to lose that check. Get the point??
So you see, I can't bother myself with trivial matters. Expecting perfection and precision from politicians is just a waste of time. I do expect a degree of culpability and capability, but for the most part if we demand our freedom then we must also take responsibility for our own mistakes as well. If the government is mostly in charge of me then blame them, if I am mostly in charge of me, blame me. We can't have it both ways. The economic climate is the result of government overspending and incompetency, but it is also a result of incompetent, greedy Americans and greedy banks. Any way you slice it, I am tired of blaming the Republicans and Democrats of the past and present. All sides are guilty. Of course Obama is the blame master, but there are plenty of Phants out there blaming the ghost of Republican Presidents past. To them I say stop. Stop acting like you are the end all be all of philosophical purity. Stop acting like the founding fathers got it exact-o-mundo. Stop acting like you have the Holy Grail of economic answers. Perhaps you do, but let's not forget the dork in the White House who 2 years ago acted similarly. No doubt the law of averages will straighten this all out and the economy will recover on its own then we can all argue about who gets the credit. Sucks to be me. I do know that there is plenty of blame and credit to go around in the government and in my back yard. It's easy to hate the government when you have trolls on the plasma teaching us that we are suffering children and without evil government taxing and spending us to death we would all be driving BMW's and walking on gold sidewalks. Lies. The economy is the result of a myriad of factors all wrapped up in circumstance. And please don't forget, Obama did us no favors. He is no business man. Who can blame the college professor who knows nothing about economic matters? Oh, I can, and I do. Make no mistake about that.
Don't get me wrong(have I said that yet?) Democrats are ideological kindergartners and should pour water on themselves and disappear like the wicked witch of the west. For me, I like the Republican party and am sticking with it. I don't think the platform is perfect by any means, but it's what I got and it's better than the Losertarians who claim a monopoly on puritanical conservatism like little mob bosses.
Stay with the party of logic and diss the party of chaos. And for Santa's sake, stop acting like freaking Democrats when pissing on the economy. I guarantee, no one person or philosophy has all the answers to economic recovery and when we start believing that bullshit we end up with the Obama's...or mama Palin.


Toyin O. said...

Interesting view, thanks for sharing.

namaste said...

this is a tough pill for Americans to swallow. individual responsibility is something we've gotten away from as a culture. that leave no child behind nonsense was such a kick in the gut to teachers and totally gave a number of parents permission to stay missing in action. scapegoating is so much easier than each person voluntarily finding their role in the problem of our government. lots of good stuff to chew on here, nik!

oh! and who doesn't love the laws of nikkiland!