Thursday, December 16, 2010


I think we use the term racist way too flippantly and far too often in this country. I get tired of the self-righteous attitude among those of us who profess to NOT be like those of old who practiced slavery and at the same time established this great land of ours. Understanding history and fixing flawed practices is what makes this democracy or republic, great. We are no better than those who went before us and I am weary of our arrogant back patting of self as we constantly bemoan the past. There is plenty of slavery going on in America. Many Americans are slaves to addiction, ideology, pop culture and status. Plenty of Americans fan their peacock feathers as though they are part of a more dignified, modernized America having not participated in passed practices of slavery and bigotry. This is a bloody red coat joke. Americans not giving props to the generation that started this whole thing is a sanctimonious choke hold. While the early settlers drove the boat in search of religious freedom and at the same time brought with them slaves, they did get one big thing right, The Constitution and our ability to amend evil. And for that I am grateful. But now we are morphing into a bunch of sanctimonious bastards who filter out the good and latch on to the bad like co-dependent grudge trolls. No more judgments on the human frailties of the passed. We have plenty of our own sins to deal with. Our society as it stands is not so brag-worthy.
Modern day self-righteous snobbery is in every ideological group. Slavery may be abolished and racism shunned, but prejudice among us is rampant. Every group has a top biller in the blame department. Liberals blame conservatives for the ills of society, therefore conservative bigotry is justified. Conservatives blame liberals for societies ills and that justifies their bigotry, and they would be right. Liberals should be shunned and mocked publicly, in my book. But whatever.
So many on the left and some on the right, and even some in the middle consider themselves so far beyond racism just because they openly support the African American in the White House. I am sending the memo out now: you who support unconditionally are the epitome of racism. I get the "pick my battles" thing. I do it myself. Frankly, there really are few issues that get me clinically insane. But at some point the radar has to pick up on the incompetent jack-ass running things.
Just because you continue to support Barack does not mean you are not a racist. There, I said it AGAIN. You most certainly are a racist. The fact that you fear criticizing him so much lends me to believe that you fear the word more than the truth, therefore relinquishing all evidence that you are hiding deep ceded racism issues. I am not a psychologist, I only play one on my blog. But I am calling you die-hards out. Criticize the black guy or remain a closet racist. You see, the opposite of what your behavior says is true or you would not fear the accusations. Call me a racist. Maybe I am, maybe I'm not. That's my business and I don't care what anyone thinks about me. I know the truth. Being comfortable in your own white skin is so rewarding. Maybe I should care, but I don't. I especially don't care what a bunch of up the butt elitist, I'm better than the pilgrims, think. Yea you're cool, you don't own a slave. You never put a few holes in a Cherokee. You love the little people. Big deal. Call me when you advocate for a Christian. You are slaves to your ideology and your puritanical omnipresence makes me puke up little tie dye fairies.
Go ahead and stake your claim as the generation of diversity and tolerance, it's cool with me and my bong. But just know, you don't fool me with your I love Obama because I am an enlightened, nuanced and modernistic person. Go do some yoga and eat lots of organic shiz. Say really big words that sound new age and impress your art gallery friends. It's cool. But just know, I know.


tammy said...

"Call me when you advocate for a Christian." Amen! Drives me crazy how they'll bend over backward for someone because of the color of their skin, but belittle and make fun of those who are religious. They claim to have tolerance for everyone, but really they only have tolerance for a few.

namaste said...

oooo! good stuff, nik! just when they thought they were fooling people, you turned the tables on them, PUBLICLY! and i second tammy's comment, love your quote: "call me when you advocate for a Christian."

we all knew all along. thank God for the blogs so we can lift the skirts of these self-righteous pin-heads. great post!