Friday, January 7, 2011


We all dance around the issues to maintain a level of rightness within our opinions. What I mean is, we all try to ignore the truth and walk a tight rope once in a while so we can justify our loyalty to one idea, person, place or thing. It's human nature and I don't fault humans for being human. But I suppose the dance that has me cringing a bit right now is the contradictory manner in which both parties operate. For example, let's take Obama and the dance he is currently engaged in, it's super funny.
Obama has preached and continues to preach many hearty sermons about "bi-partisanship". Anyone who reads my blog knows that I don't believe in reaching across the aisle unless you need to squeeze some sweet tight Hugh Jackman butt. Bi-partisanship doesn't work, ever. Back to the science. Obama by offering to reach across the aisle pleases only none group of people, the people across the aisle.....oops, no, it doesn't please them either they just snicker and call you their bitch, but it does keep Obama honest. Which is why I said none group instead of one as to break with grammar tradition purposefully and botheringly so. See that, I did it again right there. Screw grammar.
So the people bi-partisanship pleases are in heaven keeping tabs on Obama's sins and they are called angels. They are the only ones giving a damnation at this point about kept promises. Let me continue. If Obama changes his mind on an issue or compromises, he becomes a flip-flopper who has no core. So really putting his hand in the elephant cookie jar does him NO good with ANYONE. He doesn't even get to eat the cookie. If Obama stays principled, then he becomes an ideologue too stubborn to listen and a liar all at the same time. Let me break it down:

Doesn't compromise: Ideological arrogant liar who did not cross aisle for unity like stated in election.
Compromises: Flip-flopping sell-out who bows to the right and abandons lefty principles.

Either way, we got ya. Why govern when no matter what, you are gonna get shot in the ass by some spin master interest group. We have labels for everything. Change your mind? Enter here with caution, we will hunt you down and call you milk with toast names. Stay true? Good we'll call you dirty little liar names. You lie when you are principled and when you aren't principled you kept your promise. I. Love. This. Game.
I am not trying to give kudos for any compromise Obama offers. Make no mistake, dude is Jack. Follow that by: in the box, o' lantern, Jill, monterey....whatever you want it makes no difference to me. I just think its funny that Obama's own tactic has bitten him right in the ass. That's the Jack I meant! YO!
Oh and have fun dancing....

Example exibit A: Obama Expresses Displeasure With Guantanamo Restrictions But Signs Them Into Law


namaste said...

I don't believe in reaching across the aisle unless you need to squeeze some sweet tight Hugh Jackman butt.

best line EVER!

damned if he does, damned if he doesn't. your point is well-taken, nik.

Nikki said...

Funny that it took me several paragraphs just to make that point! LMAO!! Such is the blog world....woohoo!! :)N

Janelle said...

Have no words to express how bad O was and is. And dreadful doesn't get it by any stretch.