Thursday, February 10, 2011


I am so down for term limits. Most politicians are really only worth a damn the first go around because they are so dependent on re-election. Once they sink their teeth into the power it resonates and when the bums stick around election after election, they become as Washington DC is....stale, jaded and evil. While we all watch Egypt and snort that their dictator should kindly step aside and let "democracy" work, we Americans have our own trolls who deserve our shaking fists telling them to GET OUT. I am not singling out the worthless dictatorcrats, repugs have their own die-hards and let's just get this one thing straight, they all suck. The list is so long of 30 plus years sitting senators and congressmen AND women, that I got the stomach flu while reading said list. The virus entered in through my eyeballs traveled down to my throat and caused a nausea sensation so strong that I puked up little baby government officials like stale animal crackers being air lifted and dropped into a white porcelain throne of swirling rapids straight from my uvula. Flush!! Can we all just agree to limiting the time the retards spend messing up Constitution hall? Here's a few choice dictators:

Harry Reid, Senator from Nevada, Democrat: 23 years
Charles Rangel, Congressman from New York, Democrat: 40 years
Patrick Leahy, Senator from Vermont, Democrat: 36 years
Christopher Dodd, Senator from Connecticut, Democrat: 36 years
Nancy Pelosi, Congresswoman from California, Democrat: 24 years
Orrin Hatch, Senator from Utah, Republican: 35 years
John McCain, Senator from Arizona, Republican: 24 years and 4 years in the House

There are more, but who has time and the stomach strength to outline all of the dictatorial bastards and bitches? Not me. Google your own shiz. Yes, I stated more Dems than Repugs, but I hate Democrats, so shutty. I don't need you to point out my lopsided approach, it was on purpose. I think you all get the point. It's fun to watch Egypt melt down and throw out the big dictator man, but why can't we in America peacefully do the same? Let's not get all arrogant by our little puppet who has to get out in 4 or 8. We have some lifers that are as dictatorial as a Pharaoh. Let my people go said Moses! If you still want a donkeytard democrat to represent your state where ever you may be....pick a new one. If you want a Republican to send to the hub of the American guv love city....pick a new one. Or better yet, let's amend our constitution to limit their sorry asses for us! Now that's AMERICAN! I'M OUT! So let it be written. So let it be done. Let's part that Red Sea.


namaste said...

for real! we've got our own loonies over here! egypt, schmee-gypt!

reading your outline on those politicians made my mouth drop open. i am so uninformed. we desperately need term-limits! good post!

MRMacrum said...

We have term limits already. They are called elections.

But since you are all about wanting them written in stone, maybe you should send Senator Collins(R) of Maine an indignant letter asking her why is it that she ran on the platform of term limits when she was first elected and promised to only serve two terms and then get out. Yet, as I write this she is enjoying a third term.

But then she is a Republican so I am guessing she should be excused from living up to her promises.

Nikki said...

MRMacrum, what you don't take into consideration is the overwhelming advantage to many already in power. I would think even left-leaning people would agree that there are some who should quietly step aside especially when they promise to do so, repub or dem. I did mention Repubs and of course you missed my sarcasm. :)N

MRMacrum said...

I did not miss your sarcasm. It is as subtle as a brick. But since it was my comment, I figured I could write whatever I wanted in response and toss in a dig. ;) Afterall, you insist you may write what you want without apology. And I agree with you.

I think it is up to the various electoral districts to decide whether they want a particular representative in office for one term or 100 terms. Dictating by law the parameters of the electorate's choice smacks of too much government in our lives.

As one of the louder voices of the Right and one who has often called for less government, I would think you would notice this obvious contradiction in your position.

But if I was faced with no choice in the matter and had to pick a law that restricted terms, I would pick a law that would outlaw any candidate from either party from holding office. I dislike both almost equally. In my opinion the only difference between the two at the leadership level are the symbolic gestures, token stands, and flash points they roll out to pretend there is any real difference between them.

Nikki said...

MRM, LOL @ brick. I think limiting terms is limiting government. A sitting Senator of 6 years is far less powerful than a tenured 40 year lobby fed pork lover. That sounds like a government that is limited in my book. "Token stands" I agree....there is a lot of BS on both sides and to me 2 terms in office would rid us of those who take advantage of the system. I think those who linger are far less effective than those who are new and still want to be a "public servant". The perks take over IMO> :)N