Sunday, February 20, 2011


Politics aside. It's time to explain my super fan love for Eminem. I admit to a major crush and admiration for the angry rapper. I am a super fan of Marshall Mathers and to some it is not only gruesome, but so completely contrary to my "value" system that they shake their heads disapprovingly. Maybe, OK for sure it is contrary, but I cross this line willingly. I suppose some of Eminem's lyrics are degrading to women, homo-sexuals and just plain foul in nature. Sure, I stipulate that. I probably shouldn't offend my spiritual ears with such garbage, but the truth is, I find his lyrics exhilarating, oh so profound, shockingly poetic and satirically true. I identify with much of the persona of this gifted lyricist. Eminem is a genius. If you can set aside your paradigms for just a moment and not necessarily become "open-minded" but see the poetry offered, you can appreciate the art. And yes, to me it is art.
While so many entertainers of today are manufactured pretty boys who sing averagely and dance somewhat well, here you find an angry kid from a broken home who spews lyrics as fast as anyone can to a beat that is the pinnacle of his angst. It is emotionally driven and for that, I respond.
I don't enjoy the complete Eminem collection as some lyrics are over the top disgusting. But for the most part his lyrics and speed rapping rule the day and there is an authentic-ness to his music. Yes, I call it music. That's up for debate, I get that. To me music is passion or it is just noise. When you hear or see a legend singing or performing the passion is ALWAYS there. As a Barbra Streisand fan, you can watch any clip of her singing and there is passion in her performance. Some have it, some don't. Some give it, some don't know how, mostly because they don't understand it. Many packaged artists are more interested in the sexual attraction aspect of revenue generating. Get the girls hooked and you got it. Same with female artists. Their sexpot persona is far more interesting than their music to many a gyrating male. This conflicts with the emotion needed to connect with the audience. I want to entertain you with my raw talent and speak to your heart is unheard of in today's musical industry. Many "artists" today are lacking the emotion needed to deliver and connect to their audience. This is why they have dancing ninjas, skanks, sex simulation and explosions. Their mediocre talent can't carry the show, so producers improvise with a marketing plan and unfortunately the youth buy it, and fickle they are. They move on as quickly as the crush dies.
So I buy authenticity, even when it is foul. I'm a pimp for the angry rapper. It's emotional. It's's authentic. It's not for everyone. But rest assured, I am not heading off into skank oblivion just because I adorn Marshall Mathers. His talent is legit and you will be glad to know my love of music doesn't stop at the door of cranky rap. I have an arsenal of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, too. I think Em and the Mo Tabs should duet. YO! Besides this is my theme: Now this looks like a job for me, So everybody, just follow me, Cause we need a little, controversy. Cause it feels so empty, without me!
Now first of all I'm the boss
I just wanna get that across
Man even my Dentist hates when I floss
Pull up to the club in a Pinto likes it's a Porsche
Garbage bag for one of the windows
Spray-painted doors with the flames on 'em
Michigan plates and my name's on 'em
Baby, Shady's here come on get him
If you dames want 'em
But he ain't stupid so quit tryin' to run them games on him
He's immune to Cupid, why you tryin' to put your claims on him?
Cuz you won't do to me what you did to the last man
Now climb in back try not to kick over the gas can
There's a half a gallon in it, that could be our last chance....of getting home!


namaste said...

here here! i love em. he's is a truly gifted poet. in the rap/poetry genre, he doesn't run with the pack, he follows his heart. heart-told writing is what brings me and others to "According to Nikki." and it's what bring fans like us to marshall mathers. nice post, nik.

Nikki said...

Thanks namaste!! I appreciate the compliment and I think talented writers appreciate talented writers and that is why you GET IT!! Takes one to know one! Hugs....:)N

MRMacrum said...

One person's "art" to another smells and sounds like a fart.

To each his own. I think the man is a no talent hack. But then that's my opinion of rap in general.

Nikki said...

MRM....clever. You are a poet and you didn't even know it!! :)N

sandyseashells said...

You explained it well. I too, like him. Not a big fan of rap, but he is on my IPod. I get his angry lyrics. I like to 'work-out' to his music too. I also have to admit I wouldn't let my kids listen to him back in 2000s'. but I get it.