Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I've watched long movies before, but nothing like this never-ending trailer of Obama previews. The following 10 year preview was not approved for all audiences, it is rated X. We have already had 25 kajillion years of Obama dominating the airwaves and to my discontent, we have to suffer even more Obama invasion of the body snatchers. We will forever suffer the symptoms of Obama swine flu because he actually won the Presidency. Forever in the annals of time and forever in the history books of the United States of America. Man OH MAN, it sucks to be us. Our kids and their kids and their kids will have to learn US history and utter the name Obama Let's hope history shows the authentic enduring of idiocy. Long live the hope gene that went extinct with the dope gene.
Infomercials are for old people and this administration has been one big ass long infomercial to the youth, go figure. At some point they, as in the Obama administration, might start governing and become legit, but don't hold your breath. You will die. It's really all about the door prize for democrats, so how can anyone compete with that? Obama starting his campaign "20 months"(more like 20 million months) before the election is a joke. Drumming up Facebook "likes" is gay. It's gayer than 10 Barney the purple dinosaurs and 20 little purple teletubbies with the no gender purse. The fag vote does count even though Obama gay love has been minimal. I guess the biggest reason the official announcement of the official beginning of the official campaign is so lameboogers, is because the last campaign NEVER ended. We all know it. We all live it. We all blow our noses on Obama tissue every day. Even the little liberal trolls who bounce around anonymously like creatures from the black lagoon know it. They know Obama is constantly commercialising(made up word? maybe)and Michelle has never stopped pimping the Obama crush. First Lady to the organic vegetables has been super fun but the farmers market called and they want their hoe back. Give it a rest Michelle. Carrots are for rabbits and you're a fuggin' J. Crew ad.
It's no joke that the Obama's are a joke. I may just sue the federal government for fraud and brain rape. They owe me a hell of a lot more than health care. They owe me and you America care. Apologize to me almighty appeaser. Take that apology tour on the road and say sorry for being such a bad President. Tell the citizens that you are indeed sorry for the ills YOU CAUSED of the last....4-5 years. Including the MANY years of media/Obama sex. The political porno has embedded itself into my cranium and lives there forever like a parasite with silicone breasts! That in itself is a felony. Obama should go to jail for impersonating a President and screwing us all. Obama images haunt me and are causing flashbacks of O-BAH-MA! O-BAH-MA! O-BAH-MA! I wake up in a cold sweat every night to the tunes of Will.I.AIN'T praying to the Obama Jesus. Someone has to pay! Seriously, how are we supposed to get over the the post traumatic stress of the last elections casualties? America lost and lost big and I will never get over it. Obama here, there and everywhere. Who can stand the Obama puke. The barf-o-bama will soon protrude American homes ONCE AGAIN and all I can say is take shelter! Make a bomb shelter people and live in it until the election is over. Keep the trash channels running. Watch those housewives of whatever city and drift into a fantasy of someone else's pathetic existence. It will be better for you to inhale garbage than to endure the upcoming Obama show of donkey shit. Just keeping it real. Don't hate the messenger, hate the campaign process. Hate the money wasted. Hate the lies. But love the mud-slinging and there is plenty of Obama mud coming to you live from 2 years of NOTHING and NOTHING! Now that I can look forward to...


Lisa said...

Well one big long thing anyway. But nothing as long as the next year will be for sure. Great post . I was sitting here reading this and literally lol!!!
All so true. Speaking of Obama everything I was thinking of getting an Obama scraper mat for my back door.

namaste said...

"We will forever suffer the symptoms of Obama swine flu because he actually won the Presidency. Forever in the annals of time and forever in the history books of the United States of America. Man OH MAN, it sucks to be us."

nik, you summed it all up perfectly with those words. i'm glad you put this post out here for the record cuz this is just how i feel about the obama presidency: raped and robbed.

btw, LOVE LOVE LOVE this fresh new look over here. i'm jealous and inspired all at once!

another home run post!