Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I don't think the political atmosphere is any different than it has ever been. I could stop right there and call it a good post. Most of you would say, really? No different? It's not more polarized? More vitriolic? More energized? More anything? Just the same? And I would say, yes. This is how it's always been with us Americans. We argue about stuff, it's what we do, it's what we like. Though I do think Democrats are dumber than EVER. Not only did they kick out a historical President, and by historical I don't mean black, I mean worst EVER. I love the all caps EVER at the end of a bad sentence. Color me badd grammar queen. Anyway, the point is, there is always a topic of heat to blow in the winds of the political world. I maintain that the topic of government spending and big government are important ones. They will define this moment in time. The topic of taxation and the governmental cancer invading our lives is and will be the hottest debate for the next few months and then....we will move on, like we always do. I maintain that passed debates were and will always be hotter and more vitriolic than the current debt ceiling, tax the rich, boring as hell topic. I promise you, most Americans could really give a shit about the debt debate. Call me when The Bachelorette and other show watching ninnies kick out a "Hey honey, how about watching some C-SPAN so we can know what the hell they mean by debt ceiling"...not gonna happen. People don't care. The last great debates of our time that generated the asses off the couches was abortion and slavery. Email me when a civil war breaks out about this snore of a topic. Oh please let me read more blogs about the debt, spending debate. That would be so great. Then I can stick my snotty ass in the air and palm down the "economy" blow holes who know everything about everything, including how to make the free market system free without infringing on our right to not drink an accidental rat dead in a Coke bottle. I find all opinionated people, politicians and talking heads who over chat this topic to be constipated. It's easy not complicated like "they" try to tell you. Trust me on this one little thing. When someone tells you something is more complicated than 2+2=4, it's code for we need something for the college grads to do and you are dumb and please stay that way. I take offense to the complicated economic debt ceiling nonsense. Let me break it down for you easy breezy like you and I ride the short bus. The government spends more money than it generates. Mostly because it's run by a bunch of cause addicted snot rags. The conundrum is that Obama owes A LOT money and the due date is here....you see, I play monopoly and have landed on boardwalk with the hotels on it and bitches, I had to pay up, today. Not tomorrow, not in a week and not with Cheetos. It had to be real monopoly money. I also watch Fox News and that in itself makes me an effing expert, so shut up. That was freaking funny right there. I need to borrow from my Visa to pay my MasterCard. Now shut the hell up and don't raise my taxes to fix your stupid debt mess.
The other problem is the "compromise" issue. Everybody wants compromise except those damn tea party loud mouths and frankly yea, I loathe the compromise bi-partisan landfill. Don't buy from the dude selling a vacuum at the door. He can't buy a clue with a vowel and Vanna White can turn letters better than him. Keep fighting Executive and Legislative bitches and we'll keep watching bad TV. I'm not gonna lie, I think the experts and junkies can work this one out while I fake it. I have my own debt ceiling that needs to be raised. Willy Wonka needs to flip me a golden ticket in a chocolate bar so I can crash that glass ceiling after drinking fizzy lifting drink and turning in my everlasting gobstopper. That's the ceiling I'm talking about. I do love watching Obama get all bent like twisted sister on crack. Crack is whack and Obama and the dems are suck masters. Masters of the suck. Major League suckball, the democrats. They rule suckland. Suck R us. Welcome to suck depot owned and operated by democrats. I buy my clothes at the suck mall run by donkeytards. Let's eat at Olive Suckden and your waiter is Michelle Obama. Stay away from the alfredo, you'll get fat!!!!
I love the suckiest party in the history of suckdom. They make me laugh and cry all at the same time. Cry because they are so pathetic that it makes me think of an old lollipop commercial from when I was a kid. How many sucks does it take before you get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop? I'm chewing that tootsie right now!

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namaste said...

there ya go! you summed it up nice and tidy, nik. most ppl don't care about the endless debt ceiling talks. carter can smile cuz he is no longer the worst prez in history thanks to obama.

oooooo! purrrtttyyy! i like the colors over here!

oh and glad to see you back in the saddle, letting it rip!