Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Sometimes the words flow easily and other times they lay stale in your mind like old cheese. It's good to recognize when your writing becomes redundant and you use your same old ism's as a crutch to "git er done". I was there. I think I may be out of polluted lobe-land and ready to contribute to the political meadow like a fresh new pony. The fog has lifted and though I feel somewhat disenchanted with the direction of the republican party, I do see myself coming out of the chunky political soup can.
The tea party provides a necessary function in my mind. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, but I still maintain that most tea party members are Libertarians. I am not a Libertarian. Libertarians are losers and can't win elections so why would I ever be one? I like winning. I like being the best, the big guy, the fat cat, the champion, the one that rocks you, the one who at the end of the game says neener, neener, neener, you suck ass hat. I hated losing that last election to such an incompetent dweeb. Why would I want to do that again? I hated saying to the world yes, America does still have affirmative action and we elected a token black guy. Too many white dudes in the white house, let's give the tall skinny black one a go. It didn't work out. He is not the pudding this mother ship thought would prove racism dead and heal the legacy of slavery. He enslaved us all by imposing his ridiculous philosophy of equality as a legit reason for supporting his Presidential bid. Stop worshipping the quota and kneel before Zod, the God of real qualifications. Just an idea quota drunk donkey's. Pull your heads out of the butt of liberal stinkin thinkin.
Republicans need to get over themselves. Yea, I love it when donkeys suck and everyone knows it too, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. There is no Jesus in political partyville, period. No one party dominates America's dream of freedom, though republicans are the closest to Nirvana we have. I support the party, but don't make me hit you in the street when you act like little whiny immature wingbats. It's been happening a lot on the digital flat screen and I can't stand the baby banter of excuses from either party. No doubt the Republican party is and will always be the Easter Bunny of political party's. It's widely known that Santa is a repug. The Sultans of Swing voting are the phants and don't think anything else or you will get spit out like meat gristle.
I like Michelle Bachmann...a little, but I hate her accent. I am a pimp for Fargo the movie, but I don't want a President who talks like a pregnant cop who arrests dudes for going wood chipper on fake kidnapped women. I like it that demobrats go mental when talking about Michelle Bachmann. It's fine viewing. I like it that Chris Matthews gets a leg-gasm when talking about Obama, but pukes green elephant babies when chatting about Michelle on his suck ass show on MSNBC, a non-network.
I could care less that Michelle B. has 3 gazillion kids and rides a unicorn to work. She is a lawyer and that is public enemy number one in my book, unless I get accused of robbing a bank and I need one, then they are Nikki friend numero uno. But, don't tell me about the kiddies like I should punch a chad just because she squeezed out a bunch of puppies and maybe bought a few. I don't find that Presidential or a necessary fallopian tubed reason to support her executive bid. Sharing my same values or opinions does not make me support you or your fake eyelashes. Trust me I know about fake eyelashes, I had them and she has a lot of them. They are stellar but I need to see your eyeballs before I stick your bumper sticker to my heap of crap car and your rugs for lashes are blocking said balls.
Being able to win will make me love you, cuddle you, kiss you and marry you and I don't think Michelle can sway the independents and win this important gig. You see affirmative action is in play here as well with Michelle. Token black guy, token female. Let's get over the need to prove that we got our own Margaret Thatcher and that queens aren't just gay dudes. Pretty soon every civil right baby will be crying about needing a token President to represent their pathetic group. Keep it real folks. No more quota appeasing Presidents....LOVE YA BITCHES! I AM BACK and more stuck up than ever!


namaste said...

FINALLY!! YYAAAAYYYYY!! welcome back girlie! i missed you!

right you are! he most certainly is the affirmative action quota prez. it has sucked badly for us citizens.

haha! oh how i love stuck up ppl! welcome back, nik!

Rick Frea said...

All writers go into that fog. We go in and out of it and hopefully out more so than in.

tammy said...

I just love the way you say things.

Nikki said...

Thanks Namaste! It's great to be back and hoppin! It's amazing how the blog world hasn't gone anywhere....mwah! :)N

Nikki said...

Rick you are so right....:)N

Nikki said...

Thanks Tammy! I wish blogs had a "like" button...:)N

Sandi said...

Glad to see you back! I think it's time for a short, slightly overweight Italian to be President. Then I would feel represented, too!

Lisa said...

Good to see you back Nikky.

I love your line:

"Pretty soon every civil right baby will be crying about needing a token President to represent their pathetic group."

Pretty much sums up American Mentality ,definitely pathetic.