Friday, August 12, 2011


First of all the only thing that would have made this debate better would have been a fist fight, other than that, stellar debate. I love watching panties wad. Fox News rocks not only for their fair and balanced approach, but also for their "gotcha" questions they threw at the participants. Newt was right, they were gotcha questions and memo to Newt, I like watching you squirm and seeing your temper tantrums tells me a lot about you. Let me break it down:

Mitt Romney: Polished, Presidential, good-looking, smart and needs to be President.

Michelle Bachmann: She is growing on me, for Vice. I like her spunk and I liked her bitch-slapping the girly man Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty. She gets points for going Cap and trade on him and reminding him of his Obama-like issues. She rocked this debate and makes Sarah Palin look even more tardation than she is. She needs to be careful about her stupid 3 month promises...not smart. Sorry about the sentence ending in a preposition. Red marker it and call me in the morning.

Tim Pawlenty: Dude looked like a constipated Kirby vacuum salesman who is trying to push his way into your abode. He may or may not have a coherent philosophy of what his plans are as Prezzy poo....but I couldn't care less. Dude is a doosh.

Herman Cain: I like him. But he shouldn't be least right now.

Ron Paul: Commit. Him. Now. And I mean to the funny farm. He is not only a no vote, but I would vote for BO before that ridiculous tool. I feel like snakes are crawling under my skin and Mr. Magoo possessed my drunk uncle at my wedding. Shiver.

Rick Santorum: Rick had some great points and when he peed on RP's isolationist policy I cheered big time, but we all know he is not a viable candidate so why waste my energy. snore.

Newt Gingrich: If the Republican party had a stuck-up, elitist equivalent to Barack Obama's intellectualism, Newt wins. he could not be more in love with himself and his constant defensiveness made me uncomfortable and bored. Answer the question. I don't care if they just asked you the size of your genitals. Your inability to stay calm is reminiscent of our thin skinned President. Go away Newt, you are a bore.

Not sure if anyone is left. Don't care. That's the low down. Fox gave us a good gig and I like their journalistic approach of shock questions. How you handle those questions speaks to your ability to cook in the kitchen. We all know the issues. We have memorized the talking points. How do you handle the pressure and some rose to the occasion and others fell. Mitt Romney is who I support and should be President. End. Of. Story. I'm out.


Libby said...

Probably not ready for a Michele for Prez, but I was very impressed how she handled the submission question. She was very poised and calm and did not act offended by it. The crowd spoke for her.
As for me, Rick Perry will blow them all out of the water!!! Of course, I'm from the great state of TEXAS!!

The Vineyard said...

I agree with all that you said, except since I think Newt Gingrich knows deep down he has no chance, it's fun to watch him tell the truth, ruffled feathers and all.

Mitt will win.

Christmast said...

I heart Mitt!
I didn't watch the debate-oops! But I can always count on you to educate me!

namaste said...

i definitely didn't watch the debate. but i'm happy to have you report on it in only the way that you can, nik! repubs, just give us a candidate good enough to get the idiot obama out in 2012. that's all that matters to me. thank God you make politics so much more palatable than the pundits, nik. keep it coming!

El Cerdo Ignatius said...

Hey Nik! Awesome to read you again. You had me laughing out loud with your comments on Tim Pawlenty. And no offense to the former governor, but I'm pleased to see he's read the writing on the wall.

You missed mentioning Jon Huntsman, but perhaps that was on purpose. Heh.

If I ever find time to blog again, I'll weigh in with my endorsement. Not that it matters, because I don't have a vote, unless I can make my way to a state that lets illegals vote.

Nikki said...

Thanks El C!! It's great to be back and seeing your comment on the email! I would love to hear your take on the primary...keep me posted if you post!! :)N

Nikki said...

I appreciate all the comments and as it turns out I did leave Jon Hunstman out....oops but to me, he is a girly man. Mitt is it!! Thanks all!! :)N