Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I love talking about how bad the President sucks. I really, really do. But right now it's not so funny. The economy is bad and straight up, people need jobs. Listening to the President's so-called speech on Labor day sent me into labor, and there is no bun in this oven. First we had a mafia dude threaten to take us republican "sons of bitches" out, then we had to listen to kindergarten teacher slash Baptist minister speech mimicker, Barack Insane Obama say stupid shiz. It hurt my hair follicles to the root. The Presidents plan: build bridges and roads and I'll tell you the rest on Thursday when I find out what it is, it being the plan. Oh, he spoke of compassion and love and how my grandkids and your grandkids deserve equal opportunities to be just as poor as we are. Do you get the feeling the left is so hell bent on equality that even if we are all poor, but equal, it will suffice? It's not a good thing according to the left that only some are wealthy and provide jobs for others, but it is resented and deemed evil. What would make the left happy is if no one was rich, except the government, and the rest of us were of the same economic status....poor. But at least we are equal. They all were dropped on their heads at a very young age. Thanks for sucking up America dem's. Equal but poor: that's the plan.
Back to our jobs, man I feel like the President ignoring the topic at hand. Obama slobbered and gushed and got all emotional about our offspring and then offered us bridge building and road construction. I sit here aghast screeching like screech who never was saved by the bell. I am literally staring at my putee screen remembering what life was like under the Bush administration when we were all prosperous, fat and happy. Now we are skinny, poor and miserable. Sigh. I feel like Dorothy searching for the wizard and yes, he is a fake hiding behind the curtain. The witch is chasing us and that balloon is about to sail....without us. Only in this fairy tail the ruby slippers are on the feet of a dreamer called Barack and yes, there is no place like home....in Chicago....for him.
It seems to me that when you shit on prosperity created by Americans, the message is clear. The prophecy is fulfilled. When the message says that Americans should only rely on the government for their prosperity, you can only assume that that prosperous entity is also evil. No assumptions here, it is indeed. I'm not confused. Prosperity created by government=good, prosperity created by Americans-evil, according to the sons of bitches in Washington. Don't get me wrong, me harping on Obama creating jobs is just a tactic. It's my way of blaming him for all of our ills therefore helping him lose the election. I don't think the Obama administration should be creating jobs and I will submit to the peeps out there in evil America that his stimulus package did us no jobing good. Don't lie lefties. Nobody is buying your shiz. Obama sucks at economic growth and as President. Can't wait to hear how he is gonna create some shitty as hell jobs for us idiots. Word. More on that after the dog and pony show....


namaste said...

"obama sucks at economic growth and as president." that sums it all up. i am amazed that you can listen to any more of his speeches. yuck. i just can't.

"sons of bitches in washington" LMAO!! what mouth on you, nik. i love it! fun, snarky post.

Nikki said...

Namaste....AND I kiss my mother with that mouth hahahaha!!! Thanks babe! :)N

Lisa said...

I swear I cannot listen to one more empty speech from that empty suit.

To quote something from Kevin Jacksons' blog "Obama's strategy is as vain as a spiritualist dropping a business card in a passing coffin"

This why I like conservative blogs more,they are written by smart,witty people.

I am sure Chris Mathews will have an extra box of Kleenex on hand for the big sermon tomorrow.

Another smart,witty post Nikki.

The Vineyard said...

BO, the big train wreck. I have in internal battle every time I know he is going to make a speech.

Part of me quite enjoys cussing and yelling at the teleprompter in chief. Part of me just wants him to disappear, quickly and therefore, avoids those ears on TV at all costs.

Lisa said...

Here's a good one you might enjoy: