Tuesday, October 11, 2011


You know I'm a fan of hate. It keeps the angst to a minimum to not pretend to hug everyone, everything and every thought, political or otherwise. So let's keep the bullshit to a minimum and be real about who sucks and who does not. Right now the big suck on the Nikki planet is Rick Perry. Not just because he is an anti-Mormon bigot who sends out little green faggot Baptist ministers to do his Evangelical Mormonism is cult dirty work, but because he is a hypocritical tool who wants to have sex with Romney-care. Not sex as in I love you, but sex as in let me exploit and rape you over and over again until you are a bloody SVU storyline. I mean, step aside guv and let me do debate for you. Let me spew Romney-care one liners like you weren't a democrat before you were a loser college tuition for illegals pimp type Repug. I get sick of guys like you acting like your little troll religious policeman who define who IS and who IS NOT  Christian aren't sticking their heads up your butt like canaries in a coal mine. Stop lying and stop killing Mitt Romney with your die infidel looks. It's old. You're old. And we need to all gather around a real candidate who isn't the tea party's bitch....umm that would be you. Rick.
I liked the format of the debate. I liked the questions. The monitors were strange little hobbit people who seemed like NPR pimple poppers from the 60's.  PBS is known for it's complete lefty slant and I thought the questions were fair and hypothetically consistent. Julianna Goldman wanted Mitt to answer a hypothetical question to which he said he would not....smart. Don't be a crystal ball. We watched Obama do that with his "unemployment will not go over 8% with my stimulus package" FAIL. Or the first Bush who said "read my lips" OOPS. It's good politics to not venture into the future and make erroneous promises. Just a suggestion to the talking heads who wanted Mitt to play Jesus to contagion.
Herman Cain is doing well in the polls and is speaking to the minds and hearts of many Americans, so it is only logical that he got hammered on his 9-9-9 program. It's fine. He did well and I think it's completely bogus when these channels do their little "fact check" segment without the candidate there to rebutt, or re-ass UP  their opinions. I don't buy your little factoids as facts. I find them sneakily sneaky. Keep them on the up low or shove it in your down low.
The big story of the night is how weird Ron Paul's eyebrow's were. For real stooges. I couldn't tell if they were falling off or staying on right where they were glued by the drunk Berkeley green room intern. This poor jacked-up old person needs a make over from a hooker who likes his legalize prostitution policies. She'll keep those eyebrows in place Dr. Strangelove, and you won't look like an anorexic Groucho Marx. Just keepin it real peeps.
The big loser: Barack Obama. Even the biggest tool shown here in this debate would be better than him....that's so sad.
It was a complete win debate. Mostly because Romney rocked it like a hurricane and is gonna win this gig!! LATER BITCHES! And that's straight up with no editing. Don't hate.....but do.


Righty64 said...

You are on fire tonight! Yeah, I never got the rationale for the Perry candidacy. I think he is a good governor for Texas, but president? Nah. And not that tool Huntsman either. Why his HE NOT HAMMERED on being a Mormon? Could that be because he is not all that? All I know is that the top three right now are Mitt, Herm and, surprise, Newt.

namaste said...

didn't watch, but i love all the snark over here! guess who's gonna go on you-tube in search of an anorexic groucho marx?! hahahahaha!!

even though i didn't see it, i know what you're talking about with the fact check segment. it's such b.s., completely intended to manipulate viewers. you saw thru it just like most normal people do. good stuff!

Sandi said...

Have it recorded, but haven't watched it yet. However, Rick Perry is an interesting candidate. In the sense of WHY is he a candidate?!? He always looks so befuddled and doesn't seem to understand that there is more to the world than just Texas. It is a lively group. I'll be glad when a few drop off so some real discussions can start. I mean, Santorum and Paul. Really?!?

Ducky's here said...

What's it matter who wins it, Nikki?

You're just looking for a couple cheap thrills getting slapped around by the invisible hand of Mr. Market again.

You're like a battered wife who can't leave because she loves him.

Pedaling said...

first off- I know somebody, besides me, who is going to absolutely love this post!

Rick Perry bombed again tonight.
I actually kinda felt sorry for him.
I'm getting soft with age, I know. What is becoming of me?

Romney, once again, the winner. He'll glide on through and be the nominee.
Can't wait to see him debate Obama...but so not looking forward to the full out media frenzy attack that is going to happen. It's going to be bad!

Ron Paul's eyebrows are always crazy! It's quite distracting.

sandyseashells said...

I like how you 'pull no punches' or edit out any bullshit words.

I had to start laughing out loud when you got on the Ron Paul eyebrows. hahaha.

love this post.