Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I believe in sexual harassment. I think it should be legal and graded. Harass me sexually and let's see who is harassing who. Having said that, it is illegal and to some it's hostile and wrong. I get that. I get the wrong aspect of it and ride that train occasionally so bring your sex pistols and I'll bring my guns and roses. Anyway, the interesting thing about the Republican establishment is that they are the most hypocritical bunch in America. They wanted to snuggle up to Rick Perry and lick his cowboy boots ignoring his previous engagements as a DEMOCRAT who supported AL EFFING GORE, mandated sex drugs and kissed the mouths of baby illegal aliens who wanted to go to college...among other less than elephant qualities. Now we have Herman Cain chasing skirts and rising in the polls.....dancing. Really? Thanks for bringing us 999 Herm, soon to be 50 50 50 under a future democrat, with a little grab ass to chew on. I can still hear the "Romney-care" choir singing as this same group joins the walls of apologism for Herman (apologism is not a word, but maybe it should be). I don't know whether these sexual harassment allegations are true. I wasn't there. Had I been I would have come out by now, too. I can blow off one, maybe 2 or three, but not 5. When there are many allegations, I question. I question a lot. Still the fact remains that the established fools of the republican party would prefer an ass grabber and a drunk cowboy over a Mormon. Yep, I said it. The true crux of the "I hate Romney" issue has nothing to do with Romney-care and everything to do with religion. I find it disturbing that the Republican party is more about exclusion and sanctimony than inclusion and reality. Most elephant party goers would rather suck up to a former AL GORE bitch and a womanizing thug than support a Mormon. Fools....I'm about to be independent. The Republican party is an absolute mess and you heard it here first. Now that Herm is having some troubles, the new candidate being promoted is Newt. This is so cute. Newt couldn't be a bigger suit. He is not gonna bring the loot and will lose to Barack I'm not so astute, but you phants don't give a hoot because he talks like a big tea party toot. Come correct Repugs or get Obama drama for four more. I'm out.....way out.


Righty64 said...

Once again, you are on fire! And spot on about the real oppo to Romney. Look, I am keeping my powder dry but if he wins the nomination, I will work my tail off to get Romney in the White House. Same with any one else except Huntsman, Jr. and crazy Uncle Ron Paul. I do tend to believe Herman Cain because I wonder if there is not a racial angle to all of this. I get why people support Cain for real. Again, I am popping the popcorn and watching all of this. I kind of want to wait until you know, people actually VOTE in a primary or a caucus to see where this is all going.

Pedaling said...

Had to have my husband read this one!

Oh, my you are so right on and Hilarious!
Give me an hour inside your head!

The Hypocrisy by many is, indeed, pissy!

Sandi said...

What I love is watching all these idiots implode one by one, while Romney just stands there looking Presidential and riding it out! I hear this week Newt is the favorite. Newt!! I mean, really?!? As for Romney's religion, what the crap are people afraid of? He'd be the President, not Reverend Moon. Drives me nuts

The Vineyard said...

Newt will implode, just like all others.

Loved this post. Favorite line of the entire Cain drama is yours, "I believe in sexual harassment. I think it should be legal and graded. Harass me sexually and let's see who is harassing who." I am still laughing.

sandyseashells said...

good one.
(I found your blog through the Vineyard.)