Friday, December 16, 2011

I'm a Mormon, Mitt's a Mormon......NO Wonder I'm in Love

I have been accused of supporting Mitt for the mere fact that we are both Mormon. To that I what? I'm not going to pander to the "I must be objective" crowd and just go straight up honest and say hells yes I support him because he is Mormon. Why wouldn't I? For the record, I don't live in Glenn Beck land, Jon Huntsman ville or Harry Reid town. Those 3 Mormons are tools. End. Of. Story. So maybe, just maybe I do take off the Mormon rose colored glasses and see people for who they are and not what religion they practice. However, Mitt being Mormon, is not a negative and absolutely factors in to my astute decision making skills. I own it.
My Mitt love began in 2002 while living in Salt Lake City and watching first hand Mitt take the Olympics from bankruptcy to one of the best run Olympics in history. It was well organized and completely magical. I said back then that Mitt should be President. The Mormon thing of course seals the deal. I like that I know what he has been taught throughout his life and quite coincidentally, our political philosophy jives musically like the Tabernacle Choir and Gladys Knight in concert. Mitt's foreign policy is spot on with the Mormon belief that agency is one of our most important gifts in this life. America ensures with our strength, the many democracies around the world and freedom is essential when playing the game of choice in opposition.
Romney is compassionate. Most Republicans are not. They come across as hard-ass boot puller uppers that bemoan those who need. Truth is, we all should give the government doesn't have to and because it's the right thing to do and it's good for the soul. I expect my tax dollars to go toward the betterment of society and to the protection of this nation. According to some in the Republican party, the government should have no revenue, no foreign involvement and society should take care of all their own needs. Education, road construction and many other government subsidies should be taken care of in the private sector. Some conservatives crap on public education and spit on welfare subsidies. It is the wickedness in society that keeps the government over reaching and a constant in our lives. It is dishonesty, prejudice and greed that keeps the government reaching into our pockets in the name of regulation. It's unfortunate that we as a people need regulating and for that, place the blame on us. Corruption resides in all entities in our society. As a citizenry we need to be better before we dismiss some of the legitimate programs the government provides for the people. We need to get our own houses in order before we cry foul about the white house. But still, get out of my kitchen, my living room and my bedroom. I'm somewhat a populist and for that I make no apologies. However, the term populist has been perverted by that other ASSinine party in the name of false advocacy. They don't seek to help the needy, only to cripple and make dependent and thus aquiring a vote. Their populist ideals revolve around serfdom and dumbing down the populus. Self sufficiency and self thinking is too dangerous for the welfare recipient as they seek to falsely provide a persona of caring. A true populist would recognize self-sufficiency as the most important aspect of one having self respect and dignity. The democratic way demeans and prefers the weak to remain weak and reliant on the government. Populists are not democrats. Mitt is a moderate Republican and the tea party is trying to move the party further to the right, therefore some phants are becoming Libertarians who are frustrated, constipated, fanatical losers. Let's not let them hijack our party. Mitt is center right and so am I.  But don't kiss this chick out of the party just yet. Let me simmer and live in the middle before you kick me out for being a humanitarian hawk who thinks victims of incest and rape should be able to have an abortion. In the end I make no bones about supporting a fellow Mormon. He's a Mormon, I'm a Mormon wouldn't you like to be a Mormon, too? We are a tight knit group and like I said, hells yea, I like Mitt's Mormonism. He probably doesn't say shit, damn, hell and ass as much as I do, but we are taught to love LIBERTY and to help our fellowmen, women and children.  I don't think Romney-care makes Mitt a liberal.  I think it makes him a problem solver instead of a fringe right wing ideologue who thinks their shit doesn't stink. But in the end it isn't the Mormon deal that made me love his hot swag. It's our perfectly aligned political philosophy that makes me know he listened in Sunday School, unlike some other Mo's I know. Yea I said it. Mormons who need Mormons are the luckiest Mormons in the world! 


The Vineyard said...

I liked this. A lot. Mitt is my kind of Mormon as well.

Pedaling said...

ooo, I love the Romney Jobs pic. I must have it! Cool find!

Love your post.
Mormons who need Mormons ARE the luckiest Mormons in the world!

You made some awesome points, especially on the faith's teachings on Liberty and Mitt as a problem solver instead of an ideologue and your conclusion that the man must have been listening in Sunday School.

If Mo's the new slang! I'll take it!

namaste said...

nik, this post is what reminds me that we're not all lost in this country. you've made so many good points here.

"It is dishonesty, prejudice and greed that keeps the government reaching into our pockets in the name of regulation."

it seems on both sides of the political fence, we are so busy trying to be right and have our way, that we've moved away from the truth. like you said, if people are kept dependent, the puppeteers stay in their pocket-lining business. our only hope is to keep putting the truth out there, keep sharing it with each other.

conservatives and liberals are gonna have to calm down and give a little from each side. geez! otherwise our country's gonna implode. we've become like hostile divorcing people, except we have no lawyers. ugh.

as for your liking mitt cuz he's a mormon? well duh! why should we defend our narcissism? we're humans, we like people more who share our values and our likeness. that "insult" works on p.c. people, not honest people. i'm not mormon, but i get what you're saying girlie!

great post! (as usual)

tammy said...

I'm with you on the Mitt love. We as a country, need him.

Nikki said...

Thank you Vineyard.....:)N

Nikki said...

Pedaling, steal away....I stole it too haha!! :)N

Nikki said...

Namaste, thank you so much! Your comment made my day! You and I are always on the same page and I miss your writing PROFUSELY!!! Hugs my friend! :)N

Nikki said...

Tammy....yes we do! HA! :)N

Sandi said...

I don't understand what people are afraid of with a potential Mormon President. But I do remember the same thing going on with JFK and the fact that he was Catholic. We're not electing a spiritual leader, we're electing a President! And anyone who can see both sides of an issue and is not stuck in far right or far left crap is what we truly need. Plus a little eye candy doesn't hurt!

BrookLyn said...

I don't understand what people are afraid of with a potential Mormon President.

I don't understand what people are afraid of with a Muslim president....hmm works with every religion. Hopefully Sandi's point comes through to small minded people everywhere.

Al said...

Best Wishes, Team Romney!

Incognito said...

So glad to see it isn't Ron Paul!!

Hope you've been well!