Sunday, March 18, 2012


I've started dozens of posts since my last self proclaimed masterpiece and have failed to finish any of them. I suppose it's because of the laziness gene I carry or because I wanted to protect the potential reader from my many "I want Mitt" tantrums that would have dominated this blog. I kept the rants inside and sometimes that's where they need to stay. My thoughts are my business unless I make them yours by pushing the publish button, then by all means make them the content of your commenting or linking scrutiny. I may be narcissistic in thinking anyone really cares about what I think, but isn't that why I have a blog? Or anyone for that matter? Let's not go pretending to be the humble blogger that appreciates others opinions. I don't. I have no interest in what some people think about this or that. That's why I don't find Rush Limbaugh interesting nor do I think him calling some silly contraception whore a slut is particularly news worthy. OK, so I just called her a whore and that was a little wrong. But I meant it not in the hooker sense but in the slave to the cause sense. There is a difference and no I won't retract, apologize or denounce what I just said. Fluck is a slave to the pill and makes IT her all encompassing woman issue. That my fellow females is ridiculous and that makes her a stupid cause attention whore.  All this name calling is super fun(no really it is) and it gives the talking heads a lot to say, but its really just confused the whole contraception issue...and I use the term "issue" lightly. Let's not go all feminist ovary explosion ignoring the real issue being that the President is forcing the Catholic church to pass out contraception. Catholics may think they will live with Satan forever if they do. Have you not heard the Monty Python song "Every sperm is sacred, every sperm is great. If a sperm gets wasted God gets quite irate!!"?  Nice going Jesus in the White House. Say good-bye to the Catholic vote.  If the Catholic Church objects to the goalie in the fallopian tube, it's not Obama's job to play Jesus and overrule like Judge Judy. I know Barack thinks he is the almighty decider of what fetuses come into the world and what fetuses do not, but perhaps the Pope has an admonition from on High which puts him under a serious obligation to preserve life as he sees necessary. Some people call this higher source God and not President.  His Holiness may or may not be a man of God to the head of state, but certainly Obama shouldn't make the "ABOVE HIS PAY GRADE" decision about the Church's right to conscientiously object to contraception. Obama's job is to protect religious freedom by not going over the Popes head and playing Jesus to millions of Catholics. AND let's not lie and say contraception is not available by other means to Miss Fluck. And furthermore, let's get real about a chick not using a condom for protection instead of the pill. Is that not an "every person health issue"? The pill may prevent pregnancy, but does it prevent sexually transmitted diseases? No it does not.  Memo: STDs can be deadly and more costly than the pill.  So now look what I did right there, I made contraception a PUBLIC health issue. Let me solve this little bitch of a topic. Use a condom Miss Fluck. Get mom and dad to get you a box of 300 rubbers at Costco for 9.99. It will save your baby mama blues and your STD antibiotic holy hell another health issue, issue. I don't want to talk about this again. If you need the pill, go see a secular lesbian liberal doctor, she'll hook you up. It's not that difficult to find Planned Parenthood, it's called the internet. And Sandra Fluck please for the love of all things HOLY, spell your name right. It's not like we haven't had complete name pronouncing schizo hell from Brett Favre. I want to say FAVE-REE but I'm told it's FARRRRVE. Sigh. Fluke says Floook not FLUCK. It just makes me say SHUT THE FLUCK UP jokes. No disrespect. But don't murder the hooked on phonics(shouldn't it be fonics?) commercial and expect me to stay quiet. In other news....let's impregnate Rick Santorum! 


namaste said...

YESSS!! you're back!

i love all the whore references even if it only means slave to a cause and not slut. haha!! what makes me smile about the rush flap is, the msm and our deluded little miss fluck thought it would hurt rush's career. nope! it did not.

at least you now have lots of half started posts to draw from! keep em coming girlie! laziness does not equate taking a break which is important for us all! glad you're back, nik! :)

Nikki said...

Thanks Namaste! You were definitely my inspiration in getting back on the train! Rush does seem to be the teflon radio host, but don't we deserve our own big untouchable baffoon on the right...wahoooey yes we do!!! Thanks for the warm welcome and we'll see you in the blogoshere givin the peeps the truth and a little hell....:)N

tammy said...

The whole Fluke thing is so ridiculous. But I do love reading your posts!

namaste said...


just thought i'd come over here and stare at you for a minute.


Nikki said...

Namaste....hahahahaha!! You are too cute! No wonder I love u so much! Maybe I'll have a few things to say shortly, stay tuned!! :)N

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