Friday, September 28, 2012


I suppose it's time to get blogging again. It's not that I don't enjoy blogging, but sometimes I feel like all I do is repeat myself and yes, bashing on Obama can be a full time job of repeats. He gives us lots of material and this is why I find myself too overwhelmed to join the fodder. We all troll the same news sources and I use the term "news sources" loosely when speaking of the Huff Post. Then it becomes who can link up first to the latest and greatest Obama bumble and then I become a Drudge whore. No offense to Drudge, I heart you Matt, I really do. I just don't want to go there if you know what I mean, so I shy away. I don't want to be addicted to the Obama train of inaccuracies and wreckage because we all know there are many and one could really die in the pile of "Oh no he di'int!". At times I do find myself with things I want and need to say, so here I go saying them. First off and maybe even the only off I may dwell on in this juncture, is the theme; "let's cheer for the black guy" mentality going on in this country. Yea, I said it and you read that right. Call me a racist, I expect it. But, there is no logical reason why this President should EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER be re-elected and the fact that he is even this close in the polls is disturbing. So it can only mean one thing....we can't stand to see a black man fail in front of the world. So Democrats suit up as the great white hope to help. That's our American guilt and we are in trouble because redemption is impossible at this juncture. Imagine Obama were white and better yet, a white Republican. He couldn't even stand being himself the media would be so up his chute about his incapability's. White Obama would be down 20 points in the polls and Vegas would be bleeding out from the lack of election betting. White Obama would be sitting on a throne of media ignore and maybe he'll go away he's so embarrassing cushions vs. the velvety pillow of we'll lie for you our affirmative action President who is leading us down a path of destruction. It blows my mind. Obama's success is at the expense of America. He wins, we lose. It's as simple as that. What is going on in my country? I can deal with ideologues and staunch Democrats who defend their party through big ears and thin boogie dancers on Ellen. Defending the party platform to the grave is fine with me. Believing that your political philosophy truly has the answers to America's problems is a noble, though immature, stance. I get the party loyalty. Be loyal to your ideas but seriously DO NOT TELL ME THAT THIS PRESIDENT HAS BEEN A GOOD PRESIDENT!! Wear your donkey hat with pride, though you would have a hard time convincing me that Barry is a Democrat. Barry is a liberal and much like Ron Paul, he has hijacked your party and made you his bitch, Democrats! Your platform has changed into a cesspool of liberal ideology. The Democratic party of today is NOT the party of John F. Kennedy. Ask Not is now ask for more. Open your eyes and see that your party is swirling downward into a European culture of a wealthy government who own the people as your platform. Didn't we leave Britain because of that? Welcome home Democrats. You are back to your British monarchy mentality of one person knowing what's best for the serfs. Democrats, your competence level is down even further than it ever was. You lie, cheat and steal just to protect the most incompetent President America has EVER had and you do it with fervor and pride. Your party is the party of do nothing, be nothing and let's wreck America. You can thank Barry for that. Your marriage to a MAN vs. your party's integrity is shameful at best. It is shameful how you continue to make excuses for Mr. Celebrity apprentice who announces he is "eye candy" on THE VIEW. That's your guy. He's your man Democrats and he has not only made America a joke around the world, but he has kept us floating down a ditch of economic turmoil and deficit doom. Don't tell me he is doing a good job as the main cheese. Democrats are like a blind man driving a car down the interstate, crashing and killing several while doing 90. Change your shtick peeps on the left of the new Democratic party. You are looking more and more like 3 blind mice and we see how you run. You run from the truth and love a man instead of common sense and truth. Just say, you know Obama has no skills, and he has majorly effed up our country, but he's who we've got to represent our side. He may not be a Kennedy Democrat and he looks more like a frat kid trying to be popular with the kiddies, but like it or not I've got to support my party. That I can deal with. This bullshit about how Barack inherited this, that and the other and he has the hardest President job that has ever existed in the history of America, is tiresome and a pussy lie. The suck of this President is absolutely stunning and indisputable. Keep going with your fake talking points of blame. But, before you go through the Debbie Wasserman-Schultz lying flash cards, first pretend Obama is white....and a Republican. What do you say now? I didn't even mention America's crazy drunk uncle Joe Biden. Dude is a freak show. I think he is a plant to make the President look smart and coherent. No. Doubt. About. It.


The Vineyard said...

Exactly. But Dems won't change anything because after debating/arguing/talking with a few, they don't actually follow politics and honestly just think all the bad stuff about BO is made up by Fox News.

And ya, if he was white and Repub, SNL would have a lot better stuff when mocking him.

namaste said...

oh dear, you are such a RACIST! haha! just kidding, i couldn't resist.

you are so spot on with all of your points! i guess it had to happen with us Americans eventually. we're facing the day when we have to choose between appearances and what's right (pun intended:)

it happens to us all in our individual lives, so why not as a group on a national scale. we each have to find the strength to stand up and say what's right. half the country chooses the shy road, because why? like you said, they don't want the first black president to fail. they all have their reasons as victims, heroes, and hapless by-standers.

you nailed it, nik! obama has definitely hijacked the democrat party with his liberal agenda. but the dems are too embarrassed to admit it. i'm sure they're saying, why couldn't he be white so we could fire his dumb-ass! it sucks to have to find a backbone on the topic of skin color. very incovenient if you're already prone to wussy behavior.

great post, nik! awesome to see you back here! :)

Nikki said...

The V, I agree. The dems don't want to hear it and they only want to defend the mess we are in as something that doesn't exist or not Obama's fault. It's frustrating to say the least. I am waiting for the trolls to pop in and defend...thanks for reading! :)N

Nikki said...

Namaste, so well put your comment could be a blog post! Choosing appearances over what is right is exactly my point! It feels good to be blogging again let's hope I can keep it up for a bit...hehe. Thanks for reading and for your awesome comment! :)N

Pedaling said...

Always worth the wait and spot on, on each and every point.

No logical reason why this Pres. should EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER be re-elected. I might have to use that reasoning here and there, while so many I know on the others side fail, time and time again, to make their case for the man.

Rick Frea said...

Repeat yourself all you want, repetition is good. You're a good writer, and plus you're right.