Tuesday, February 7, 2017


I love to take long walks. It clears my head, and even while music is jamming in my ears I find a lot of clarity, especially when I listen to the uncensored Eminem. I'm edgy, so I've been told. Yea, well, yea. I own it. I've probably written 20+ blog posts in my head while walking this past month. I quit blogging at the height of my blogging "career" because you can only despise the President so much before it starts to drain your psyche. I've since become an independent. The Republican party is a mess. The Democratic party is, well as they've always been a cesspool of thought policing and shaming. If it isn't conducive to the party platform then you're basically a bigot, phobe, sexist and any other ist they make up or you're an idiot. They are the raging academics that recruit the fascist idea the they know what's best because they are intellectuals and the rest of us use words like retard. Chill out donkey's, I bought organic food yesterday.  But that's another topic. Just know that I have a disdain for the Democratic party and their hyper one issue voters.
The parties have basically changed places. Republicans are apologists for their womanizer President and Democrats are the most sanctimonious party I've ever seen. The Democrats are putting right winged Christian conservatives to shame right now. Republicans , like 3rd graders are using the old Bill Clinton argument as if THAT is a viable argument. They whine like little bitches about how Democrats didn't mind Bill's philandering, so why now? Good question, but.....Ok cool, so now that's you. You're arguing that same argument. You are basically a 1990's Democrat looking for any argument to justify your gross support of cough, cough Donald.
Hypocrisy is annoying as hell, but I love it. I am a hypocrite. I love admitting to my gross and prejudicial view of the world. I'm only human. But let's point the finger at some other hypocrisy that I find funny as hell. While going through my Facebook news feed there was a post about how disgusting Melania and her lesbian porn are, not to mention a picture of said porn. I know, that preposition is gross, too. Tap out grammar Nazi's, I don't have all friggin day to check and make sure my post is aesthetically pleasing. Anyway, when I read the comments of gays no less, it was how classless, gross and disgusting Melania is and how Michelle Obama is so pure and classy. Insert shocked emoji here. My eyes are drying out they are open so wide and I literally can not shut them upon the belief that this post will soon be deleted because of blatant lesbian bashing, and it was. I thought I was on one of my uber-Mormon pages it was so self-righteous. The comments were all about the Obama's and their lovely family being free from scandal and blah, blah, gag, barf Holy shit am I at church?! STFU. Then I had Mormons offering redemption as a reason to support Trump. Ok WOW.SMH. Really? Seriously? Right? It's all bass ackwards.
I'm all about party loyalty. Ok, no I'm not. When your party promotes stupid shit, call it what it is. Basically right now y'all are crazy. Not as in serial killer crazy, but the kind of crazy where one side is chicken little thinking the sky is falling and the other side is so confused by the con man out conning the con that they are mad internet scanning for someone to help them take the proverbial shower to clean the dirt off.
I've always said, Ima pimp for the truth. Truth is and can be different based on ones own life experiences. Why would I expect someone of another faith or belief system to see social issues the way I do? It's narcissistic to think that way. If you really think that your sanctimonious banter is going to sway the hearts and minds of others, then you are a fascist. Don't kid yourself. In my view the fascist party in America is absolutely the Democratic party. They are THE narrowest thinkers in society. But, Republicans are not far behind. And as for Donald, I have no idea what party he belongs to, It's definitely not the human party.  I just want to keep you all confused. I will state for the record my views on the issues. But know this, in America we are only as good as how we treat others, not what party we belong to. Look for clarity in others views and try to understand their ideals instead of vehemently trying to convince everyone that you are right, even though I always am. Don't ever forget that. Just because you find understanding among the masses doesn't mean you agree. Free yourself. Don't be chained by the idea that if you lean in and say hey I get you, that it means you have abandoned your values. One of your values should be as a quiet listener with the understanding that your life is not mine and vice versa. I love that Republicans think I am a raging liberal and Democrats think I am a stone cold Republican. It's fine af to me. I can't align myself with parties who bully and demand adherence to one ideal or another. I can't call you friend if your conditions are based on party platform compliance. I will hand you your suck card and I will not apologize. Of my principles I am sure. They are immovable. Know this party purists, Reagan gave amnesty, Dubya's immigration policy was a more compassionate solution than anything Obama ever proposed, and his own party turned their back on him because of it. Kennedy believed in low taxes and Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy helped pass the Defense of Marriage Act that defined marriage between a man and a woman and was constitutional law. Pull your heads out! YOU are all wrong. BYE!
And I'll be back. That felt good!


Unknown said...

Glad you got that off your chest!
I hear ya. Agree with most.
Still can't stand Hillary- to me she is the devil. Trump, not the devil, but certainly gross, corrupt, immoral, possibly dumb, etc...just not what I would call evil. So I stand by my trump vote, but i won't defend trump, as I am certain it would come back to bite me in the butt.
I love George W. He's my favorite.
I'm a conservative, though I feel the next guy has every right to practice his or her liberalism, as long as it doesn't hurt the innocent or tax my hard earned money.
hope we can still be friends.

pedalingfast said...

that was me. Sheila H.

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