Monday, February 27, 2017


Political America is absolutely changing and not in a good way.  Republicans are not the level headed group they once were and Democrats, well let's just say they still suck. There really isn't enough time for me to outline why it is I loathe the democratic party SO MUCH, but I do. I can go into the details of how the political climate is a scary and a degenerate place, but I'll save that for later as well. Right now I want to discuss feminism. Basically there is nothing feminine about feminism. Women are becoming men and men are becoming women and we as Americans are skewing the lines of reality to feed a hungry need for votes in the Democratic party. Being the opposite of conservatism is not a philosophy, it's called DEMAGOGUERY. Look it up disciples of nothing.  Science does not support your fluid lines of gender donkeys. SCIENCE not RELIGION.  Rethink your bullshit. People are starting to think for themselves and that is forbidden in left America. If you have a thought contrary to their status quo, they will label you ugly shame words. Who's the fascist party now? Who's the party of hysteria and doom? Who's the party of demagogues?  The Democrats. The left. The flame throwers of fear and anti-debate. The party of shame and identity politics. The party of fake causes. The party of academics who discuss ways to stop critical thinking. The party of elitists who know better. The party that once celebrated the communistic way of the executive order, Merry Christmas, how do you like me now?  You are bottom feeders who look for the weak in America and make yourselves their super hero. My question is this? How is it we have social problems when we had a Democrat in office for 8 years? Where are your magic hands? When you market yourself as a bigger than life Savior and don't deliver, we get Trump. That's on you donkeys.
Feminism is not about equal rights. Feminism is about greater rights and bullying. It's the feminizing of America. Men are becoming little pussies who don't dare speak out because heaven forbid they should disagree with a woman. The label? Misogynist, that is if you disagree with the so-called female platform. Women are becoming what they hate, predatory, masculine bitches that hate white American males who don't vote Democrat or support Plan Parenthood. Really? Is Planned Parenthood so worthy of complete support among the masses?  Oh, ok side note, how come we need Planned Parenthood if the "affordable healthcare act" aka Obamacare was soooooo comprehensive? Please explain it to me like I'm a 12 year old white boy who needs puberty direction. You can't, because it's a failure. It's a healthcare fail and a woman fail. Thanks for nothing Obama. You suck.
There is a Campbell soup commercial out that depicts a sick man on the couch telling his wife or girlfriend or whatever she is, that his mom would make him soup when he was ill(I tried to find it but of course the only one I could find was edited and rated R). The woman goes and gets the phone and throws it at him and tells him to call his mother and then leaves. I don't care who you are, that was a bitch move. My question is this: Is it really beneath her to serve her partner? Is it a sign of weakness to do something kind for her significant other that is sick? What is wrong with women? Are we wound so tight that service done for a male is a sign of weakness? So if I pick up my husbands socks am I oppressed? I don't live in that world. That's all sorts of stupidity.
Women are becoming male hating bitches. I get that there are douchebags out there that deserve to be protested. I got THAT memo. But don't become a predator to prove that you are powerful. As a woman my strengths are what make me feminine. A woman's  ability to nurture and to comfort. Her ability have empathy and compassion and to see what needs to be done for suffering humans is what makes us a powerful force for good. Why are we trying to destroy what is innately good and powerful about women so that we can become like men? March for equal pay, that's justified. March for violence against women to stop, that's justified. How about stop making it about powerful women who want equal rights and yet need government healthcare and birth control. Is that not ironic? As a powerful woman I want the government to take care of me and all my feminine Which is it girls? You are an independent woman that can take care of herself or you are a needy mouse that needs government assistance?
Here is my stand on the issues, just to set the record straight. Not that anyone cares but....

Abortion: Not sure why we even talk about this, it's constitutional law and has been since 1973.  It has withstood Republican Presidents and yet every time a Republican is elected the bitches go NUTS. Calm the f down. Please don't use THIS as a litmus test in deciding your political stance. Look passed it, there's an entire philosophical world out there, geeeeezzzzz. My stand is this: I am against abortion, unless it is to save the life of the woman and in cases of rape and incest.

Gay Marriage: I support my church on this issue which is that the ideal situation for a child is to be raised by the 2 people who created it in a committed relationship. There's really no disputing that. Social Science agrees. HOWEVER, I do realize that the world is not so black and white and I support any person wishing to be married to their same-sex partner. I have no problem with gay marriage. Basically, I see both sides. Carry on people in love and be happy. Always be humble and kind to opposing views. Being against gay marriage is not homo-phobia, it's just trying to see a world through rose colored glasses. Having done a little work in the foster care system I appreciate and have a great admiration for many gay couples that are foster parents. These couples give love and stability to children in great need. You are heroes and are doing a profound service for many children and society is better for it.  Without you many children would be suffering. You have my gratitude!

Foreign policy: I'm a hawk and NOT an isolationist. I believe America should police the world and I adhere to the Bush Doctrine that societies that are not oppressed  WILLNOT breed terrorism and violence. Unfortunately that message skipped the first day of terrorism school. I still support the attack on Iraq and that America being the bad-ass country that it is, should provide a blanket of security to other countries whose democratic ideals are threatened by imperialistic groups like ISIS etc.

Immigration: Let the poor saps in. Please. But of course let's be vigilant in a way that makes sense.

Economy:  Low taxes. Keep it straight Democrats. Obama did not raise taxes on the wealthy. He raised taxes on the middle class. The wealthy can avoid taxes. But keep putting your heads in the sand and maybe that truth will go away. High taxes NEVER equals a better economy. Stop drinking the kool-aid. Also, I'm not a tea party enthusiast. They single handedly have ruined the republican party. BECAUSE THEY'RE LIBERTARIANS AND LOSERTARIANS ARE BATSHIT CRAZY!

Energy: I don't know geeezzzz! Do I have to have an opinion on everything? Seriously back the eff off on your opinionated life. There are experts that can handle this one and I am not one of them. So go and do. I'll lump global warming in to this. Maybe it's real, maybe it isn't. Don't care. I suppose I should, but I am powerless about it so why stress over something I can do nothing about. It's called a happy life not worrying about stupid stuff. I know it's not stupid to some, but I choose other things like using my time being alive to get to know awesome people who teach me new things so good luck. Besides Arizona is awesome!

That's not all the issues but it's a few big ones. There's definitely more to talk about and for the most part the people I talk politics with are very kind and listen to hear and not to refute. That's where you discuss to receive clarity and not to prove that you are right. Not to sound preachy, but most people want to be right rather than to understand. That's where the left is losing this battle. The middle class was drowning under the Obama administration. Inflation is horrific and wages are extremely low. How else do you think a buffoon like Donald Trump could win? Oh by cheating? No, well maybe, but, that's what Democrats do so now I guess it's who does it better. Welcome to America, bitches! There's more to that suck nugget but this post is already way too long. I'm out.....but I'll be back.

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