Thursday, October 18, 2012


It's unfortunate for Democratic women that Republicans truly are more powerful and intelligent. We shun the government intruding in our lives and isn't this what feminism should be? We don't need a man named Barack Obama to coddle us and save us like Superman saved Lois Lane. Gone are the days of weak women who wait for their contraception to be paid for like Robin Hood stealing for Maid Marion. It's not chivalry, it's condescension, pandering and offensive.
 I'm not weak and I am a woman and I vote. My vote is not connected to a ridiculous "trickle down" notion offered by the Obama camp along with his movie star girlfriends, that without the government providing contraception, abortions and so rights are being violated. Last I checked Roe v. Wade is a constitutional amendment that has outlasted several Republican Presidents since it's BIRTH(hahaha I don't care who you are, that's funny). Since when did women's rights become so ridiculous? When did our boobalicious rights become a contraception hyper-focused lady parts issue? Where are the true feminists who should be standing up and yelling that we are more intelligent than that Mr. President!! The government is required to protect your right to get an abortion, but the government is NOT required to PROVIDE THAT ABORTION FOR you or the rest of the world like we currently are doing. Can we afford to abort the world on our dime? Our "equal rights" as women should not be defined under the umbrella of women's "health issues". I can take care of myself. I am woman, hear me roar and I do every month or so.
Obama is connecting some loosely maintained proverbial dots by taking liberties with his lame "economic" argument that when Planned Parenthood  loses funding from the feds, they would close and women would not be able to afford mammograms etc. and will die. I did some fact checking on my own and found this lie to be offensive and convoluted at best. Planned Parenthood does not provide mammograms and cervical examinations. They do provide health screenings, referrals and educational videos about women's health matters on their website, but nothing more than that. Google it or better yet, call your local PP and ask to have a mammogram or a pap smear(ugh). You'll find yourself getting referred to a different clinic and/or doctor. Obamalie number 1 million. I seriously can't keep up.
I'm not a pro-life purist. I side with Mitt on this one. In cases of rape, incest and the life of the mother. The rest is up to the rest of you women.  I am extremely against partial birth abortion and Obama is the only person on the planet that supports this heinous crime....and yes, it's a crime in Nikkiville. Talk about your rights being taken away and let's discuss the child abuse related to partial birth abortion. The trickle down argument from those on the left doesn't work here or anywhere else for that matter. Our rights as women have long enough been defined by one single issue that patronizingly does not satisfy this woman's concern for women in this country. Don't come knocking on the door of my uterus and tell me that my oven should be my biggest concern as an American WOMAN.
I hate it when Obama and Joe speak to me with such condescension. Sending out skanky Hollywood bitches who pray to the Gods of contraception makes me want to maxi-pad their houses. Are we as women so one dimensional!?  No, we are not. Most of the women I know are powerful in their own right and are in control of their lives in all areas and not just south of the border. They don't need government intervention to save them and their fallopian tubes. We are as independent as men and demand that you stop speaking to us like we are street walkers who need help to keep us promiscuously sexual. I get it, it's a mans world and you sexualize us without most women even realizing it. The Obama administrations fixation on this topic makes me feel like I am nothing more than an object. Women will vote for me if I provide for them contraception, abortions, breast exams, vaginal exams and so on. Am I the only one that finds this pimpish??  What about my job, the cost of food, the cost of gas, crime, inflation, the national debt, the deficit and on and on and on.....
When was the last time Obama pandered to men regarding their man part health issues? Imagine if you will the President saying "We are very concerned about a man's rights!" "Men have the right to free condoms and Viagra!"  It's time the discussion was equally embarrassing. Make it a penis discussion and watch how fast the channel changes. I promise you the pandering would go unheard and I don't feel like hearing about the "women vote" in the form of my reproductive parts, anymore. Hang it up already. Remember donkey's to level the playing field of sex and health. All privates in America require attention from the doc. Poor white dudes.
In the end I choose to vote on substance and not a ridiculous social non-issue. I appreciate the concern, I really do but you and the Black-eyed Peas can stop already with My humps....

This is where Obama wants to keep us girls.....

Friday, September 28, 2012


I suppose it's time to get blogging again. It's not that I don't enjoy blogging, but sometimes I feel like all I do is repeat myself and yes, bashing on Obama can be a full time job of repeats. He gives us lots of material and this is why I find myself too overwhelmed to join the fodder. We all troll the same news sources and I use the term "news sources" loosely when speaking of the Huff Post. Then it becomes who can link up first to the latest and greatest Obama bumble and then I become a Drudge whore. No offense to Drudge, I heart you Matt, I really do. I just don't want to go there if you know what I mean, so I shy away. I don't want to be addicted to the Obama train of inaccuracies and wreckage because we all know there are many and one could really die in the pile of "Oh no he di'int!". At times I do find myself with things I want and need to say, so here I go saying them. First off and maybe even the only off I may dwell on in this juncture, is the theme; "let's cheer for the black guy" mentality going on in this country. Yea, I said it and you read that right. Call me a racist, I expect it. But, there is no logical reason why this President should EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER be re-elected and the fact that he is even this close in the polls is disturbing. So it can only mean one thing....we can't stand to see a black man fail in front of the world. So Democrats suit up as the great white hope to help. That's our American guilt and we are in trouble because redemption is impossible at this juncture. Imagine Obama were white and better yet, a white Republican. He couldn't even stand being himself the media would be so up his chute about his incapability's. White Obama would be down 20 points in the polls and Vegas would be bleeding out from the lack of election betting. White Obama would be sitting on a throne of media ignore and maybe he'll go away he's so embarrassing cushions vs. the velvety pillow of we'll lie for you our affirmative action President who is leading us down a path of destruction. It blows my mind. Obama's success is at the expense of America. He wins, we lose. It's as simple as that. What is going on in my country? I can deal with ideologues and staunch Democrats who defend their party through big ears and thin boogie dancers on Ellen. Defending the party platform to the grave is fine with me. Believing that your political philosophy truly has the answers to America's problems is a noble, though immature, stance. I get the party loyalty. Be loyal to your ideas but seriously DO NOT TELL ME THAT THIS PRESIDENT HAS BEEN A GOOD PRESIDENT!! Wear your donkey hat with pride, though you would have a hard time convincing me that Barry is a Democrat. Barry is a liberal and much like Ron Paul, he has hijacked your party and made you his bitch, Democrats! Your platform has changed into a cesspool of liberal ideology. The Democratic party of today is NOT the party of John F. Kennedy. Ask Not is now ask for more. Open your eyes and see that your party is swirling downward into a European culture of a wealthy government who own the people as your platform. Didn't we leave Britain because of that? Welcome home Democrats. You are back to your British monarchy mentality of one person knowing what's best for the serfs. Democrats, your competence level is down even further than it ever was. You lie, cheat and steal just to protect the most incompetent President America has EVER had and you do it with fervor and pride. Your party is the party of do nothing, be nothing and let's wreck America. You can thank Barry for that. Your marriage to a MAN vs. your party's integrity is shameful at best. It is shameful how you continue to make excuses for Mr. Celebrity apprentice who announces he is "eye candy" on THE VIEW. That's your guy. He's your man Democrats and he has not only made America a joke around the world, but he has kept us floating down a ditch of economic turmoil and deficit doom. Don't tell me he is doing a good job as the main cheese. Democrats are like a blind man driving a car down the interstate, crashing and killing several while doing 90. Change your shtick peeps on the left of the new Democratic party. You are looking more and more like 3 blind mice and we see how you run. You run from the truth and love a man instead of common sense and truth. Just say, you know Obama has no skills, and he has majorly effed up our country, but he's who we've got to represent our side. He may not be a Kennedy Democrat and he looks more like a frat kid trying to be popular with the kiddies, but like it or not I've got to support my party. That I can deal with. This bullshit about how Barack inherited this, that and the other and he has the hardest President job that has ever existed in the history of America, is tiresome and a pussy lie. The suck of this President is absolutely stunning and indisputable. Keep going with your fake talking points of blame. But, before you go through the Debbie Wasserman-Schultz lying flash cards, first pretend Obama is white....and a Republican. What do you say now? I didn't even mention America's crazy drunk uncle Joe Biden. Dude is a freak show. I think he is a plant to make the President look smart and coherent. No. Doubt. About. It.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


We all know President Obama is not short on self-esteem, so it isn't surprising that he is once again playing Jesus to the masses. While the President called out Mitt Romney for using his business experience as his "calling card" for deserving the Presidency, he also laid out for the peeps the Presidents JOB DESCRIPTION. Of course we all puked when Barry acted like he was well-equipped with uber-experience 3 long as hell years ago when he ran for Jesus in Chief, but let me break it down like we are still in preschool.
 Barack said it was the JOB of the President to make sure "everybody had a fair shake". Yep, that's what he said. Not only did I fly to the moon in my lobe, but I felt a little sick at the thought that it is indeed the governments job to dole out opportunities to the little people.  It isn't enough that he used the term "calling card" to reference Mitt's chatter about his business experience. Everybody knows that's what the police call a serial killers signature at a crime scene. I mean, ew. Sicker than that, and I don't mean sick as in cool, is the connotation that we need someone to do our life for us. Personally, I think the triumphant and jubilant soul comes from helping others and  from the struggles that we each conquer in life when trying to get ahead. When those things are minimized and cured by Barack, what is left for us? Is it really the JOB of the government to struggle for us?  Are they supposed to make our lives so easy that we need no refining as individuals? What will happen to mankind when the human struggle is conquered by some hero infused government? Isn't it our adversity and struggles that gives us our self-respect, strength, integrity, determination and moxy? When we accomplish something through difficult means, we become diamonds created by the roughness we endure. Why does Obama want to take that away from us? I can only assume he wants our souls. The very thing that makes us great as Americans is what Obama wants to steal from us. President Obama wants to wake up in the morning feeling like not just a President, but the parable giving type. If that isn't overstepping your bounds, I don't know what is. Take it from me, equality and fairness will never exist and anyone who tells you they can provide it are lying liars who tell lies. No one will ever make this life or this country fair. Legislating fairness economically is so not American.  Success is something we have to seize on our own. Making life what you choose is the greatest gift we have and when the President defines his job as providing something as austere as "fairness" to America, then we should run.....and vote for the other guy. Fairness is a word I used when I was 8 when my friend got a bigger brownie than me. I whined and little did I know that logic would be used in 2012 by a President.  This isn't fair, that isn't fair. It's time America grew up and made themselves strong instead of relying on someone else to do our bidding. Take your fairness doctrine and I'll take my work hard approach. Unicorns don't exist and neither should Presidents who want our souls.
On a side note.....Dear President Obama, I am not a folk. Stop referring to the American people as FOLKS. We are smart intelligent humans who didn't just fall off the turnip truck. Give us some freaking respect. I'M OUT.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


I've started dozens of posts since my last self proclaimed masterpiece and have failed to finish any of them. I suppose it's because of the laziness gene I carry or because I wanted to protect the potential reader from my many "I want Mitt" tantrums that would have dominated this blog. I kept the rants inside and sometimes that's where they need to stay. My thoughts are my business unless I make them yours by pushing the publish button, then by all means make them the content of your commenting or linking scrutiny. I may be narcissistic in thinking anyone really cares about what I think, but isn't that why I have a blog? Or anyone for that matter? Let's not go pretending to be the humble blogger that appreciates others opinions. I don't. I have no interest in what some people think about this or that. That's why I don't find Rush Limbaugh interesting nor do I think him calling some silly contraception whore a slut is particularly news worthy. OK, so I just called her a whore and that was a little wrong. But I meant it not in the hooker sense but in the slave to the cause sense. There is a difference and no I won't retract, apologize or denounce what I just said. Fluck is a slave to the pill and makes IT her all encompassing woman issue. That my fellow females is ridiculous and that makes her a stupid cause attention whore.  All this name calling is super fun(no really it is) and it gives the talking heads a lot to say, but its really just confused the whole contraception issue...and I use the term "issue" lightly. Let's not go all feminist ovary explosion ignoring the real issue being that the President is forcing the Catholic church to pass out contraception. Catholics may think they will live with Satan forever if they do. Have you not heard the Monty Python song "Every sperm is sacred, every sperm is great. If a sperm gets wasted God gets quite irate!!"?  Nice going Jesus in the White House. Say good-bye to the Catholic vote.  If the Catholic Church objects to the goalie in the fallopian tube, it's not Obama's job to play Jesus and overrule like Judge Judy. I know Barack thinks he is the almighty decider of what fetuses come into the world and what fetuses do not, but perhaps the Pope has an admonition from on High which puts him under a serious obligation to preserve life as he sees necessary. Some people call this higher source God and not President.  His Holiness may or may not be a man of God to the head of state, but certainly Obama shouldn't make the "ABOVE HIS PAY GRADE" decision about the Church's right to conscientiously object to contraception. Obama's job is to protect religious freedom by not going over the Popes head and playing Jesus to millions of Catholics. AND let's not lie and say contraception is not available by other means to Miss Fluck. And furthermore, let's get real about a chick not using a condom for protection instead of the pill. Is that not an "every person health issue"? The pill may prevent pregnancy, but does it prevent sexually transmitted diseases? No it does not.  Memo: STDs can be deadly and more costly than the pill.  So now look what I did right there, I made contraception a PUBLIC health issue. Let me solve this little bitch of a topic. Use a condom Miss Fluck. Get mom and dad to get you a box of 300 rubbers at Costco for 9.99. It will save your baby mama blues and your STD antibiotic holy hell another health issue, issue. I don't want to talk about this again. If you need the pill, go see a secular lesbian liberal doctor, she'll hook you up. It's not that difficult to find Planned Parenthood, it's called the internet. And Sandra Fluck please for the love of all things HOLY, spell your name right. It's not like we haven't had complete name pronouncing schizo hell from Brett Favre. I want to say FAVE-REE but I'm told it's FARRRRVE. Sigh. Fluke says Floook not FLUCK. It just makes me say SHUT THE FLUCK UP jokes. No disrespect. But don't murder the hooked on phonics(shouldn't it be fonics?) commercial and expect me to stay quiet. In other news....let's impregnate Rick Santorum! 

Thursday, December 29, 2011


Looking back to the 2008 campaign of sugar plums and raining gum drops if you know who is elected, one might get a little sentimental about the donkey take over of yesteryear, but not me. I feel less than vindicated and can only take solace in that Obama by all accounts, is the worst President of all time. We knew he would be....and by we I mean me, but I don't want to be a completely stuck up know it all.  But a lot of you voted for the Obama machine,  including a lot of Republicans. You really can't blame the poor bug eyed fish. I mean, it was the plastic stinking cheese on the hook that made them swim towards the light and then bite the fake food only to get bloodied by the hook. Truth is, Obama never should have been President, period.  I guess I could go back and regurgitate Barry's record of do nothing and vote for nothing while he was a junior Senator for a year who wrote a shitty book about his dead beat dad. Or how he was a sorry community organizer who organized bingo games for old people. Or how he was some dingle dorf who went to HAAAHRVARD and pretended to be poor, but smart and sold dirt just to survive. I guess he was a state senator in the corrupt and evil state of Illinois and a grand daddy political mobster in the Chicago crime errrrr political scene. He played the game well, but in the end you can't fake reality.  The truth will always come out. The truth will always prevail. The truth will always show itself....eventually. The ugly head of not handling it has poked up out of the ground only to say hello to us Americans. We have a President who NEVER should have been....President. I suppose he knows a few things about it now, but it's too late. Barry is not a problem solver, he is a rhetoric spewer and a word whore who whistles when he pronounces his S's. Barack is not a leader, he is a publicity prostitute with no core value system. President Obama is not a statesman, he is spot-light seeking celebrity and a bitch. Puppets need strings and Muppet's need hands up their asses so they can talk. They sing about rainbows and what's on the other side. But never, ever, ever do they have new innovations that will truly lead us to the promised land of prosperity in America. The philosophies of the left and Barack have been given the ultimate test and they have failed. No more can democrats say that they have the right stuff. No more can they offer up a shiny, new toy. Their credibility is shot to economic recession hell. Seriously, the next time the democrats say hey look at this guy he is so "articulate" run like a pimp at church. All democratic Presidential candidates should be highly scrutinized mainly because the stupid in America are no longer the fumbling word murderers from the Bush family, it's the glazed over romantic fools called democrats and their pretty speech giving President that did NOT save the peeps. Thanks for nothing donkey's. Your President sucks. Your Congress sucked and never forget that you are an epic fail. I'm not gonna lie. Most politicians are tools. They are manhandled by many and quite frankly, it's like a big fat Greek wedding when you punch a chad. You elect one guy and you get the whole family of tools. But this misnomer was catastrophic. Barry never should have been President and are fired!!! Word.

Friday, December 16, 2011

I'm a Mormon, Mitt's a Mormon......NO Wonder I'm in Love

I have been accused of supporting Mitt for the mere fact that we are both Mormon. To that I what? I'm not going to pander to the "I must be objective" crowd and just go straight up honest and say hells yes I support him because he is Mormon. Why wouldn't I? For the record, I don't live in Glenn Beck land, Jon Huntsman ville or Harry Reid town. Those 3 Mormons are tools. End. Of. Story. So maybe, just maybe I do take off the Mormon rose colored glasses and see people for who they are and not what religion they practice. However, Mitt being Mormon, is not a negative and absolutely factors in to my astute decision making skills. I own it.
My Mitt love began in 2002 while living in Salt Lake City and watching first hand Mitt take the Olympics from bankruptcy to one of the best run Olympics in history. It was well organized and completely magical. I said back then that Mitt should be President. The Mormon thing of course seals the deal. I like that I know what he has been taught throughout his life and quite coincidentally, our political philosophy jives musically like the Tabernacle Choir and Gladys Knight in concert. Mitt's foreign policy is spot on with the Mormon belief that agency is one of our most important gifts in this life. America ensures with our strength, the many democracies around the world and freedom is essential when playing the game of choice in opposition.
Romney is compassionate. Most Republicans are not. They come across as hard-ass boot puller uppers that bemoan those who need. Truth is, we all should give the government doesn't have to and because it's the right thing to do and it's good for the soul. I expect my tax dollars to go toward the betterment of society and to the protection of this nation. According to some in the Republican party, the government should have no revenue, no foreign involvement and society should take care of all their own needs. Education, road construction and many other government subsidies should be taken care of in the private sector. Some conservatives crap on public education and spit on welfare subsidies. It is the wickedness in society that keeps the government over reaching and a constant in our lives. It is dishonesty, prejudice and greed that keeps the government reaching into our pockets in the name of regulation. It's unfortunate that we as a people need regulating and for that, place the blame on us. Corruption resides in all entities in our society. As a citizenry we need to be better before we dismiss some of the legitimate programs the government provides for the people. We need to get our own houses in order before we cry foul about the white house. But still, get out of my kitchen, my living room and my bedroom. I'm somewhat a populist and for that I make no apologies. However, the term populist has been perverted by that other ASSinine party in the name of false advocacy. They don't seek to help the needy, only to cripple and make dependent and thus aquiring a vote. Their populist ideals revolve around serfdom and dumbing down the populus. Self sufficiency and self thinking is too dangerous for the welfare recipient as they seek to falsely provide a persona of caring. A true populist would recognize self-sufficiency as the most important aspect of one having self respect and dignity. The democratic way demeans and prefers the weak to remain weak and reliant on the government. Populists are not democrats. Mitt is a moderate Republican and the tea party is trying to move the party further to the right, therefore some phants are becoming Libertarians who are frustrated, constipated, fanatical losers. Let's not let them hijack our party. Mitt is center right and so am I.  But don't kiss this chick out of the party just yet. Let me simmer and live in the middle before you kick me out for being a humanitarian hawk who thinks victims of incest and rape should be able to have an abortion. In the end I make no bones about supporting a fellow Mormon. He's a Mormon, I'm a Mormon wouldn't you like to be a Mormon, too? We are a tight knit group and like I said, hells yea, I like Mitt's Mormonism. He probably doesn't say shit, damn, hell and ass as much as I do, but we are taught to love LIBERTY and to help our fellowmen, women and children.  I don't think Romney-care makes Mitt a liberal.  I think it makes him a problem solver instead of a fringe right wing ideologue who thinks their shit doesn't stink. But in the end it isn't the Mormon deal that made me love his hot swag. It's our perfectly aligned political philosophy that makes me know he listened in Sunday School, unlike some other Mo's I know. Yea I said it. Mormons who need Mormons are the luckiest Mormons in the world! 

Saturday, November 19, 2011


I've been quiet about the occupy "movement" mainly because I'm not sure what the hell it is or if I even care.  I'm like the rest of you, I feel bad for poor Africa. OK so there are poor people here in America and I sometimes feel like I am among the "poor" but just because you don't drive a Lexus doesn't mean you are poor and from where I sit, I think that is the definition the democrats would like us all to believe. It's OK to not live in a certain neighborhood or be able to blow money like a New Jersey housewife. I'm quite happy with my simple life hunting for bargains. I don't feel bad about it and seriously shut-up if you do.  There are poor people here in the United States and society should help those in need as much as possible, but not the ones who resent rich people and puke on wealth. BTW, I know some rich people who are poor....poor in spirit. Poor doesn't always mean economically challenged.  I know a few "rich" people and find that their houses have toilets just like my lowly middle class abode does. Maybe they buy Charmin and I buy Scott. My ass gets scratched and yours gets a massage after you do your business, but last I checked we all do our business so no one is worse for the wear. Great value products are fine with me. I want to make babies with Wal-Mart and am grateful for their cheap ass shiz.  Sometimes we have to be content with what we have and not begrudge other people and their "good fortune" or hard work and ingenuity. Bill Gates isn't evil because he created your computer's operating system and Steve Jobs isn't in Hell because you have to pay monthly to look at porn on your iPhone. Keep in mind that demonizing wealth and corporations says more about a person than an Enron exec hooking up management with strippers during lunch hour. When you play Jesus to the masses by defining evil as corporate greed, what does that say about you, who demands that wealth?? Think on that and get back to me.
I'm not saying I know fully what the hell this whole protest shindig is remotely about. I went to the occupy wall street website and got no definition. I can only imagine that there is a high that one gets when they have a cause and justify being civilly disobedient by it. I do think there is room and an argument to be made against corporations and more specifically, banks. But I fail to hear one from this occupy outfit.  Perhaps this is a call for higher taxes and more governmental programs so more people can not work and protest for a living. Maybe it's a call for more corporate regulation from the government. Memo: To: The Occupiers: the government is dumber and more corrupt than most corporations. One may make the argument that they are MORE corrupt. I don't know. I'm not the capitalism Santa. Nothing like the lollipop gill keeping tabs on the flying monkeys while the tin man gets his oil checked by Dorothy.
The occupiers claim to be friends of no one political party. I feel bad for that Obama dude in the WH who thinks they are all his bitch. Hope he turns down that evil corporate campaign money for the angst filled hippie pothead trolls. Doubtful. I'm not a pimp for the protest, but I sure will watch your asses get thrown in jail after you pee on your new diggs called the sidewalk. You don't pitch a tent on public property and pretend to have brains. Tents are for the forest and you should occupy a prison IMO. It would be the same. Free meals and TV, it's your dream job. I think public nuisances should be called what they are and not referred to as failing stupid political movements. Seriously, if half these people were to "occupy" Wall Street what would that lifetime movie look like?? Willy Wonka already employs oompah loompah's so good luck with the everlasting gobstopper of understanding business. See, those who You occupiers can't or you would have. You want to occupy a corporation? Go to college or invent something. How about you occupy that corporate Jack wagon named Al Gore. Dude is sick rich off of fake global warming fairies and his cable channel sucks vampire movies. Hijack that Bob the Builder hard hat and call it occupy the global warming fat cat. Truth is, there isn't one occupy the sidewalk resident that could run a business or they would already be doing it. I seriously wish stupid drug addicts with one tooth could take over the federal reserve, the government, corporate chairs and be President of the United States, but for some reason society leaves those jobs for the only slightly criminally insane. Spare me the I live in a ditch and sing Janis Joplin songs so hire me, crap. I love you guys, I really do. I think your cause is quasi just, but you need to ditch the tards, get a mission statement and stop raping women when you're bored.
So with my buttocks aiming at the computer screen, I want to say ever so lovingly and oh so judgmentally.....OCCUPY THIS!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I believe in sexual harassment. I think it should be legal and graded. Harass me sexually and let's see who is harassing who. Having said that, it is illegal and to some it's hostile and wrong. I get that. I get the wrong aspect of it and ride that train occasionally so bring your sex pistols and I'll bring my guns and roses. Anyway, the interesting thing about the Republican establishment is that they are the most hypocritical bunch in America. They wanted to snuggle up to Rick Perry and lick his cowboy boots ignoring his previous engagements as a DEMOCRAT who supported AL EFFING GORE, mandated sex drugs and kissed the mouths of baby illegal aliens who wanted to go to college...among other less than elephant qualities. Now we have Herman Cain chasing skirts and rising in the polls.....dancing. Really? Thanks for bringing us 999 Herm, soon to be 50 50 50 under a future democrat, with a little grab ass to chew on. I can still hear the "Romney-care" choir singing as this same group joins the walls of apologism for Herman (apologism is not a word, but maybe it should be). I don't know whether these sexual harassment allegations are true. I wasn't there. Had I been I would have come out by now, too. I can blow off one, maybe 2 or three, but not 5. When there are many allegations, I question. I question a lot. Still the fact remains that the established fools of the republican party would prefer an ass grabber and a drunk cowboy over a Mormon. Yep, I said it. The true crux of the "I hate Romney" issue has nothing to do with Romney-care and everything to do with religion. I find it disturbing that the Republican party is more about exclusion and sanctimony than inclusion and reality. Most elephant party goers would rather suck up to a former AL GORE bitch and a womanizing thug than support a Mormon. Fools....I'm about to be independent. The Republican party is an absolute mess and you heard it here first. Now that Herm is having some troubles, the new candidate being promoted is Newt. This is so cute. Newt couldn't be a bigger suit. He is not gonna bring the loot and will lose to Barack I'm not so astute, but you phants don't give a hoot because he talks like a big tea party toot. Come correct Repugs or get Obama drama for four more. I'm out.....way out.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


You know I'm a fan of hate. It keeps the angst to a minimum to not pretend to hug everyone, everything and every thought, political or otherwise. So let's keep the bullshit to a minimum and be real about who sucks and who does not. Right now the big suck on the Nikki planet is Rick Perry. Not just because he is an anti-Mormon bigot who sends out little green faggot Baptist ministers to do his Evangelical Mormonism is cult dirty work, but because he is a hypocritical tool who wants to have sex with Romney-care. Not sex as in I love you, but sex as in let me exploit and rape you over and over again until you are a bloody SVU storyline. I mean, step aside guv and let me do debate for you. Let me spew Romney-care one liners like you weren't a democrat before you were a loser college tuition for illegals pimp type Repug. I get sick of guys like you acting like your little troll religious policeman who define who IS and who IS NOT  Christian aren't sticking their heads up your butt like canaries in a coal mine. Stop lying and stop killing Mitt Romney with your die infidel looks. It's old. You're old. And we need to all gather around a real candidate who isn't the tea party's bitch....umm that would be you. Rick.
I liked the format of the debate. I liked the questions. The monitors were strange little hobbit people who seemed like NPR pimple poppers from the 60's.  PBS is known for it's complete lefty slant and I thought the questions were fair and hypothetically consistent. Julianna Goldman wanted Mitt to answer a hypothetical question to which he said he would Don't be a crystal ball. We watched Obama do that with his "unemployment will not go over 8% with my stimulus package" FAIL. Or the first Bush who said "read my lips" OOPS. It's good politics to not venture into the future and make erroneous promises. Just a suggestion to the talking heads who wanted Mitt to play Jesus to contagion.
Herman Cain is doing well in the polls and is speaking to the minds and hearts of many Americans, so it is only logical that he got hammered on his 9-9-9 program. It's fine. He did well and I think it's completely bogus when these channels do their little "fact check" segment without the candidate there to rebutt, or re-ass UP  their opinions. I don't buy your little factoids as facts. I find them sneakily sneaky. Keep them on the up low or shove it in your down low.
The big story of the night is how weird Ron Paul's eyebrow's were. For real stooges. I couldn't tell if they were falling off or staying on right where they were glued by the drunk Berkeley green room intern. This poor jacked-up old person needs a make over from a hooker who likes his legalize prostitution policies. She'll keep those eyebrows in place Dr. Strangelove, and you won't look like an anorexic Groucho Marx. Just keepin it real peeps.
The big loser: Barack Obama. Even the biggest tool shown here in this debate would be better than him....that's so sad.
It was a complete win debate. Mostly because Romney rocked it like a hurricane and is gonna win this gig!! LATER BITCHES! And that's straight up with no editing. Don't hate.....but do.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I am more than disenchanted with the tea party. Not sure if I should capitalize "tea party", but at this juncture, we're lazy, so no caps. I am the person that dislikes, no hates, being controlled. I don't like being told what to do, what to think, how to look, what light bulb to use, how much fat intake I should eat, what car I should drive or what opinions to adopt in order to remain a "true" conservative. Let's get this one thing straight, I am all about my agency and when someone tries to trample on that in any way, shape or form, I rebel. I kick, I scream, I throw tantrums and turn into a monster that no one knows how to quiet down. Mary J. Blige said take me as I am, or have nothing at all. That's how I feel. Not just in life, but in politics. So in the spirit of self-indulgence and self-determination, let me educate you, once again about the tea party and why I see them NO differently than this, the Obama administration. Yes, that's what I said. So gulp it down with no sugar bitches, you are about to get run. Straight from the website are the following statements. Make sure to understand what it is you are supporting before you show allegiance to anything. From the site:
1. Illegal Aliens Are Here Illegally. My commentary: No shit. As someone who lives in a border state and has used "illegal aliens" regularly, I am not going to hypocritically marry this philosophy. Besides, thanks for stating the obvious and unfortunately the original tea party kinda was here illegally, too. Just sayin.
2. Pro-Domestic Employment Is Indispensable. My commentary: Meaning?? I got nothin.
3. Stronger Military Is Essential. My commentary: I agree with this statement wholeheartedly. But let's get this one thing straight, I am not an isolationist.  
4.Special Interests Eliminated. My commentary: Isn't the tea party itself a "special interest" group? I'm confused. Not only that, but in a democracy I think freedom of speech and expression are essential and belonging to a group that has a very special interest in how the government taxes it's people should be free to exist. Don't contradict yourself party of tea.
5. Gun Ownership Is Sacred. My commentary: No it isn't. Don't say stupid shit. When something is sacred it denotes a divine purpose and gun ownership while constitutional and a right, is certainly not sacred. I'm pretty sure that even though we all are entitled to shoot ourselves and others with a machine gun, the government has tanks, fighter jets, bombs....the nuclear kind and they would pretty much kick your handgun's ass. Just sayin. Keep it real tea party.
6. Government Must Be Downsized. My commentary: straight up, I'll give you that one. But let's not go overboard with asinine anarchy speech. Education and some taxation are essential. While you like to pee on the Bush administration for his "growing the government" let's not forget that the war on terror is real, on-going and that means it never ends. Let's be realistic about our goals and maintain a balanced approach to what this means. Extreme positions that infer a complete governmental retreat is stupid.  
7. National Budget Must Be Balanced. My commentary: OK, maybe. Not sure why, but I will concede that a severe audit of waste should be done, but from where I sit that just means that the mafia will do it's own audit. Again, blanket statements of absolutes don't work in this gray area ridden mind. Explain further.  
8. Deficit Spending Will End. My commentary: I'm no rocket economist, but logic would dictate that some deficit spending in times of recession is necessary. Now shut-up about excessive spending, no dah. Of course it should be minimal and disciplined. Obama took it to a ridiculous level, let's agree on that. But it needs to be an option....  
9. Bail-Out And Stimulus Plans Are Illegal. My commentary: Unless those bail-outs directly benefit American citizens. I agree, no stimulus plan has ever stimulated and gross bail-outs to corporations don't work. But bail me out. All. Day. Long. I think we may be in agreement here.  
10. Reduce Personal Income Taxes A Must. My commentary: Yes it is.  
11. Reduce Business Income Taxes Are Mandatory. My commentary: Totally!!
12. Political Offices Available To Average Citizens. My commentary: For real! bitches!!  
13. Intrusive Government Stopped. My commentary: YES! YES! YES!!  
14. English As Core Language Is Required. My commentary: I mean, snore. Do I care?? No  
15. Traditional Family Values Are Encouraged. My commentary: No. Family Values are a Must. Don't go guns are sacred, less government and downplay the most important issue of all. Get some backbone tea party. Stand for something greater than lowering my taxes. YO!
There you have it folks. Keep it real and keep it logical. I'm not a tea party member, whatever that means. I do belong to the Nikki party of cool, independent politics. And sucka don't play me. If I choose to wear pink lipstick with green eyeshadow that's my choice. You don't like my view on gay marriage, gun control or my voluptuous figure, shove it. I may be merging two worlds, but I feel the Republican party slipping into ridiculous, vitriolic territory. I'm going independent if that happens. My individuality is much more important to me than conformity. My own life is filled with those who accept me as I am and I will not be party to a party who throws non-negotiable ideals at me. So is it with the people around me. I'm me and you can kiss this...or not. Either way I will always be in love with me, the most.  I AM OUT.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


In case you missed it, this is a FANTASTIC speech given by a great President, honoring those of flight 93...speech given Sept. 10, 2011. One of his best. It is absolutely worth your time.
"Evil is real, and so is courage"....George W. Bush

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I love talking about how bad the President sucks. I really, really do. But right now it's not so funny. The economy is bad and straight up, people need jobs. Listening to the President's so-called speech on Labor day sent me into labor, and there is no bun in this oven. First we had a mafia dude threaten to take us republican "sons of bitches" out, then we had to listen to kindergarten teacher slash Baptist minister speech mimicker, Barack Insane Obama say stupid shiz. It hurt my hair follicles to the root. The Presidents plan: build bridges and roads and I'll tell you the rest on Thursday when I find out what it is, it being the plan. Oh, he spoke of compassion and love and how my grandkids and your grandkids deserve equal opportunities to be just as poor as we are. Do you get the feeling the left is so hell bent on equality that even if we are all poor, but equal, it will suffice? It's not a good thing according to the left that only some are wealthy and provide jobs for others, but it is resented and deemed evil. What would make the left happy is if no one was rich, except the government, and the rest of us were of the same economic status....poor. But at least we are equal. They all were dropped on their heads at a very young age. Thanks for sucking up America dem's. Equal but poor: that's the plan.
Back to our jobs, man I feel like the President ignoring the topic at hand. Obama slobbered and gushed and got all emotional about our offspring and then offered us bridge building and road construction. I sit here aghast screeching like screech who never was saved by the bell. I am literally staring at my putee screen remembering what life was like under the Bush administration when we were all prosperous, fat and happy. Now we are skinny, poor and miserable. Sigh. I feel like Dorothy searching for the wizard and yes, he is a fake hiding behind the curtain. The witch is chasing us and that balloon is about to sail....without us. Only in this fairy tail the ruby slippers are on the feet of a dreamer called Barack and yes, there is no place like Chicago....for him.
It seems to me that when you shit on prosperity created by Americans, the message is clear. The prophecy is fulfilled. When the message says that Americans should only rely on the government for their prosperity, you can only assume that that prosperous entity is also evil. No assumptions here, it is indeed. I'm not confused. Prosperity created by government=good, prosperity created by Americans-evil, according to the sons of bitches in Washington. Don't get me wrong, me harping on Obama creating jobs is just a tactic. It's my way of blaming him for all of our ills therefore helping him lose the election. I don't think the Obama administration should be creating jobs and I will submit to the peeps out there in evil America that his stimulus package did us no jobing good. Don't lie lefties. Nobody is buying your shiz. Obama sucks at economic growth and as President. Can't wait to hear how he is gonna create some shitty as hell jobs for us idiots. Word. More on that after the dog and pony show....